Welcome one and all!

Today’s the official transfer day. Inkpop users? We’re at your disposal. Any questions or issues you encounter, please email to service@figment.com. We want this transition to be as seamless as possible, so we will do whatever we can to help you out.  If you’ve been waiting to bring your inkpop account to Figment, you can start that process here.

Figmies? We’re rolling out the red carpet and we suggest you do the same. Thousands of amazing new stories are being uploaded today. If you find an amazing new story, give it some love and email it to emily@figment.com with the subject line “Inkpop Story.” We want to give these new stories the warmest of welcomes.

What else is new? Bam! Five new forums. We’ve got Short Story, Full-length Stories, and Poetry, as well as Writing Scraps (for characters, titles, or lines of dialogue you’ve got no use for) and Pitch Perfect (for people looking to publish and starting the querying process.)


3 thoughts on “Welcome one and all!

  1. I’m an Inkie, and I’m thoroughly upset by this. The two websites are completely different. The only reason I joined Inkpop in the first place was the chance to get published by HarperCollins. I highly doubt I will ever use Figment. Inkpop was fun and exciting. From what I’ve seem so far, Figment is dull. Us Inkies add excitement, that’s why we had fun on OUR website. Inkpop was inviting and colorful. Filled with many colorful people. But here I feel no welcome.

    • Hey,
      I’m an inkie and really once you get to know the benifits of this website you learn that both inkpop and figment have some good points. Yes inkpop will always be the best in my eyes with the way they organized top projects, etc. but i like figment for their group section and the way they have daily news, contests, and feature new books,etc.
      Sometimes you just have to build a bridge and get over it cause you can’t change what’s happened.
      Go figment!! 😛 lol

  2. Thank you for the welcome, Emily. It’s nice knowing that Figment is sincerely trying to fit us into the community. I’m already enjoying myself and I have a feel most other Inkies are not far behind. 🙂

    Also, the Writing Scraps forum is a great idea if you ask me! I’ve always get a few lines of stuffs laying around that I never quite know what do with. 😛