GWN Digital Remix, dorkShop 1: Spotlight on Georgia & Karen

As the Girls Write Now Digital Remix project continues, we have to say we’ve been so inspired by the creative multi-media approach that digital remixing has brought to traditional storytelling methods. When the written word is thrown together with music, videos, photos, and other media, it can be pretty amazing to see what kind of artistic reverberations are produced by the juxtaposition. As part of the brilliant series pairing remixers from GWN with stories written by themselves, Figgies, and peers, this week we present one brand-spankin’ new adaptation for your viewing and reading pleasure. This piece is a GWN original, written and remixed by Georgia herself. For more GWN goodness, don’t forget that the remixing will continue throughout the spring at workshops–nicknamed ‘dorkShops’–at Parsons The New School for Design

This week’s GWN Remixers

Meet Georgia: Born and raised in Goiania, Brazil, Georgia is currently a senior at Manhattan Village Academy in NYC and a Girls Write Now mentee.  When asked to describe her digital identity, Georgia said, “I’m an active blogger and curious Figment writer who shares stories with Brazilian and American teens, and also I’m addicted to Tumblr reblogging.”

Meet Karen: Karen is Georgia’s mentor, and a writing and project manager for publishers. Karen says this about her digital self, “I am a writer, curious about new media. A bit hesitant but I want to explore and learn. How does remixing affect the meaning of the written word? How does it affect the way we communicate?”

See How They Remix

At each workshop, the remixers will learn how to use new digital media platforms to turn the winning Figment stories, and their own work, into reinvented, reimagined pieces–and we’ll be giving you a glimpse into each of the dorkShops.

Georgia and Karen had been anxiously awaiting the very first GWN Digital Remix dorkShop: Photo/ Video at Parsons, The New School for Design. “The day finally arrived: my mentor Karen and I had our first incredible experience at the GWN dorkShop at Parsons, and the first lesson was how to turn my poetic piece “Entangled in Darkness” into an interesting and touching video.” Says Georgia. “The exciting part started when our dorkShop leaders sent us off to take pictures and shoot videos of anything/anyone that could represent the piece: Karen and I took pictures of churches, streets, and building entrances, and she shot funny videos of me walking ‘into darkness’ and ‘refusing to go to sleep’ as mentioned in my writing piece.”

The dorkShop facilitators kept the GWN Remixers busy. “Then, as soon as we came back to the Parsons lab, we dedicated ourselves to learning how to play with iMovie and edit our videos and pictures into a real “Entangled in Darkness” remix. Let me tell you, there wasn’t enough time! From learning how to join videos together to applying new effects, time flew by and when we realized, it was time to say goodbye.”

And what does mentor Karen have to say about all of that shooting, framing, cutting, and remixing? “Fast-paced dorkShop #1: Fun to plunge right in, shooting videos on Fifth Ave
with Georgia! Instruction on iMovie and individual support from dorkShop facilitators Julia, Monica, Lauren, and Lara were great! But I wish we had more time to spend on story board and practicing new iMovie techniques,” says Karen.

But the remixing didn’t stop when the dorkShop was over, and Georgia was eager to keep going. “I enjoyed making this video so much that Karen and I already have met for several hours during the week to work on our cherished remix: it’s so interesting to turn my words into something my readers and I can actually see and feel–this new experience would not be possible without the dedication of the Parsons and GWN crew, who ensured they would be available to help us on this new adventure!”

Karen, too, was looking forward to more editing. “Georgia and I are excited about the project. After the dorkShop, we finalized our storyboard and Georgia shot more video around NYC. We  met at GWN last week and spent several hours working on the project. Though Georgia is new to iMovie, she is a true digital native and moves intuitively and effortlessly through the process. I’m learning a lot from her!”

From the page to the big screen: This is the Remix

Dying to watch the video already? Without further ado, Georgia’s “Entangled in Darkness” remix movie. And read Georgia’s original story that inspired the remix, a fictional piece about a girl who goes to sleep, but decides to keep her eyes open, “facing the dark” and letting herself question life


For more info about GWN Digital Remix Portfolio, and to check out more projects from Georgia, Karen, and all the other GWN Remixers, visit

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