Happy Birthday to Books (3/4-3/10)

Before spring makes its big reappearance into our lives, it has to primp itself–you know, make sure that it’s ready for the cameras. In the meantime, we’ve got some great books to keep you distracted. Lights, camera, action!

Illuminate by Aimee Agresti (3/6)
Haven Terra has just found out that her employers, a group of beautiful strangers, are up to some shady business . . . and they’re going to try to recruit her next. Honestly? I would gladly go to the ends of the earth to get a cup of coffee for my boss if he was as smoking as Lucian. When Haven’s photographs start changing, she realizes she might not be as normal as she thought. Will she follow the dark and dangerous Lucian, or will she remain in the light?

Balthazar by Claudia Gray (3/6)
Balthazar is a stand-alone novel with characters from the Evernight series. Here’s a friendly warning: you will swoon. Again and again. Until you can swoon no more. Dreamy Balthazar rescues Skye Tierney–a former mortal classmate at Evernight Academy–from a gang of vampires. Soon, he finds out that she has “death sight”–the ability to relive a person’s death. But a super-evil vampire named Redgrave also finds out about Skye’s power . . . and he wants it for himself. Balthazar has vowed to protect Skye, and that can only mean one thing: VAMPIRE SHOWDOWN! Bring the popcorn. And some sunglasses for the sparkles. Just kidding, these vampires don’t sparkle. Probably.

Everlasting by Elizabeth Chandler (3/6)
Everlasting is the fifth book in the Kissed By An Angel series (here’s the first three and the fourth). In Everlasting, Ivy’s boyfriend Tristan has come back from the dead. Awww, yeah, butnotreally. He has come back to her in the body of a murderer, so a wild goose chase with the police ensues. While escaping from the police, Ivy and Tristan try to find some evidence to solve the murder. Poor Ivy–all she wanted was a little snuggling with her man and now she’s stuck chilling with a dude everyone thinks is a murderer. Tristan must be one hell of a guy if Ivy’s willing to keep her Facebook status as “in a relationship” after this. Just saying.

Where It Began by Ann Redisch Stampler (3/6)
Gabby Gardiner became the most popular girl in school after undergoing a makeover. Holla! Once she got hot, she starts dating Billy Nash–the stud of the school–and life seems to be going swimmingly. Until she gets drunk and crashes Billy’s car after a crazy party. Remember kids, drunk driving is a no-no! Gabby wakes up hospitalized and finds that she can’t remember anything–besides the fact that she’s dating Billy (not such a terrible thing, IMO). But Billy has been distant and barely acknowledges her. UGH, men and their mood swings while you’re recovering from amnesia, amirite? But as Gabby tries her hardest to remember what went on that fateful night, she soon finds out that things are more complicated than they initially seemed. Cue the suspenseful music.

Embrace by Jessica Shirvington (3/6)
People normally look forward to their birthdays. I know I do. It’s the one day of the year where you get to have your cake and eat it. All of it. But not Violet Eden: she’s turning 17 soon and she’s not happy about it. But I can’t say I blame her. See, the boy she’s been in love with forever–who also happens to be her self-defense trainer, Lincoln–drops a bomb on Violet on her birthday. Turns out that he’s a Grigori: part human and part angel. And get this: so is Violet. Gasps all around! And brace yourself for a total gasp-fest: Lincoln has been training her for a huge battle between the Angels and the Exiles! And Violet herself is the chosen warrior. Will she choose to suit up for battle and become a badass female warrior? Mayhaps. Mayhaps not. I hope you’ve recovered from all the gasping because it’s high time that you go out and get this book! The fate of the world rests on it.

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