Geoff Herbach Helps You Necromance Your Characters

What is it that makes certain characters come alive and feel like real people? Dead characters are easy to spot: maybe it’s their stilted dialogue, awkward mannerisms, or weird, seemingly unmotivated actions. So what does it take to create a character who feels just as real as your friends and family, whom you could picture passing on the street?

Last week, Geoff Herbach, author Stupid Fast and Nothing Special, weighed in on writing with concrete, descriptive details. He comes to the rescue again this week with a video packed with pointers on giving your characters that true-to-life feel.  And, best of all: if you tag your writing HerbachWriting2, Geoff will be reading and commenting on a few of the posts. Give it a try, and get some constructive feedback!

To get started with Geoff’s writing prompt, watch his video below. His challenge: for a character of your own creation (any character will do, whether it’s one you’re working with currently or one who’s brand new–as long as you feel he/she needs some development), think about his or her bedroom and, using some of last week’s tips, describe what it looks like in detail. This should be a helpful avenue to learning more about your character and his or her personal idiosyncrasies.

Need an example? You can download Geoff’s description of his character Bobby’s bedroom here. He’s also shared his list of 36 essential questions to ask about the character you create, in order to give them that real flesh-and-blood feel.

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2 thoughts on “Geoff Herbach Helps You Necromance Your Characters

  1. I’ve heard from a couple who are having problems leaving responses. Feel free to use the comment section on the youtube post if you want to do some bedroom describing. I’m reading some stuff over there!

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