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  1. Oooh, taking bread to the premiere, not bad, except Peeta is a wimp. I think I will go with the bow, thank you very much πŸ˜€

      • No way!!! Gale wins hands down, every time!! I disliked Peeta as a love interest in the book, and when I went to see the film I tried to convince myself that I like him really, and just… failed, to be honest. I still don’t like him. I do agree he’s a bit of a wimp, really.

        • Totally agree with that. GO GALE! He deserved way more screen time in the movie. How will people even know who he is in the 3rd movie? (Not even considering the chance that there won’t be one)

    • NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I think I’m going to fall dead right now from reading that, I just canwgoHHO:FDNVBJGRWqUBPrwt34-p;m;weOYRQrcegv;m;lonj1@%UFVNCVFBDQO

      • Oh yes! Finally! My friends think I’m crazy for not swooning over the ‘hot emotional blond’, but I just found him needy and clingy, to a pathetic extent. It’s like,

        Gale: Awesome hunter with mad bow skills. Best friend to Katniss, been there since beginning, takes care of her and her family. <3

        Peeta: Wimpy baker whose best defense against murderous Carriers is using his cake decorating skills to go hide.

        Gale FTW.

  2. Imma be rocking the sidebraid as Katniss, we’re braiding flowers into my friends hair to be rue, my other friend is going to be effie with a pink wig and heels, and the OTHER friend I’m going with is going to be foxface I think.

    • I don’t understand why people feel the need to dress up like this, I went to a day-early showing at my local cinema, and as far as I know, nobody there dressed up as tributes or anything.
      BUT I do think that’s pretty cool. I quite like the idea of going as Effie, that’s new. πŸ™‚

  3. I dunno, I don’t actually think it’s that bad to compare them with Twilight. I mean, Hunger Games kicks Twilight’s butt when it comes to writing quality, characters, exploration of human nature, etc etc. But they are both books who have had a really big pop culture impact on pretty much the same demographic, and that means that it would be logical to look at both books and compare their themes and intentions and meanings and all that. It’s really important to understand what you’re reading and what sort of effect it’s supposed to be having on your mind, and to do that you have to think critically and compare to other books in similar niches.

    • I have to say, I have never read Twilight because I was afraid of being labelled as a drama queen, and because I don’t often read romances.
      The Hunger Games, on the other hand, has just enough of each part that every good book needs: suspence(look at the end of catching fire); a pinch of romance; a dash of reality; action; mystery; and you can’t forget the way Collins has readers hanging on the words. I don’t know how she does it, but I can assure you that the world needs more than just three books about Katniss and Peeta!!!!

      • @Nicky I have never been able to read twilight because, although I’ve heard bits and pieces, it sounds like my worst nightmare. The writing style, from what I have read, is atrocious, with simple metaphores like “his skin was as cold as ice” or whatever, the main character is the picture of a whimpy damsel without any knowledge/sense or strength, creating a lifeless role model for thousands of girls, and don’t even get me started on respect. But, I have no right to say any of this without reading the books, so I would be quite honestly grateful for any corrections you would care to make on my before mentioned rant.
        I must say though, I do agree that comparing twilight to the hunger games is not a bad idea, seeing that they both made such an impact on society and teen culture, whether good or bad. I am sorry to say I did not read all of the hunger games (you must think I’m completely. against reading now, and it is basically my lifeline, so please don’t), but that was mainly to save myself the torture of the gruesomeness I expected.

    • The only thing HP, Twilight, and TGH have in common is that they’re all young adult bestsellers that reached an audience beyond young adults. Apart from that, wildly different things make them successful. I think Twilight & the Hunger Games get compared more often because a) they’re both post-HP, and b) a love triangle features majorly in the plot.

      I’ve heard THG called “Twilight for the tomgirls” …

    • Somebody (I forgot who) said the Hunger Games were “like Twilight people with taste can like.”

      To which the other person repied: “So basically nothing like Twilight.”

    • The problem with comparing the two stories is not their demographics or their storylines but the two maturity levels of the main characters. Bella is more mature than others in her grade but she is still just a high school girl. Because the story is written in first person Twilight comes off as sounding like it’s been written by a teenage girl. Katniss has had to grow up fast and that shows by her thought patterns that are showcased in the writing. Hunger Games sounds more mature than Twilight because Katniss is more mature than Bella.

      • Very smart reasoning, I completely agree. I know that everybody’s so pissed off that Bella isn’t “strong enough” or isn’t a good role model to thousands of girls across America, but honestly, I don’t think Stephenie Meyer was writing her book and at the same time thinking “Okay, what should Bella say so that she’ll be a good role model?” I think she was writing a character, who has her own traits and shortcomings, as well as positive attributes, and she was trying to make it realistically what a high school girl would think. Bella is brave in her own way, you’ll find lots of examples of abnormal bravery in Twilight from her, is everyone forgetting Breaking Dawn? And sure she was acting like a total lovesick loser most of the time, but that’s the way the author imagined someone would act around Edward Cullen if he was real. Bella almost always had someone around to protect her, so she didn’t need to go all warrior. Comparing characters from two completely different worlds/scenarios just seems stupid to me.

        PS I am a HUGE fan of HG and HP and I really like Twi.

  4. OMG, all these Figgy friends are hilarious. I’M not dressing as anything, unless you count the flame finger and toenails. I think it’s awesome enough to just be watching the friggin awesomeness of THE HUNGER GAMES. AGHHHHHH!!!!!

  5. Me and my sister are going to be rocking our side braids! Man, I wish I could get a mocking jay pin in time for the movie.

  6. My friend is makin me a t-shirt. And now? I am totally going to bring a loaf of bread.
    Here’s what’ll go down-
    Me: In my shirt- loaf of bread in hand
    Door Guy (What do you call that guy?):Um, no outside food in the the-
    Me: *Cutts him off by whapping him in the head with my loaf* TEAM PEETA MELLARK BABY!!!!!!!

    Guess who’s team Little Sister is on?

  7. Don’t forget mockinjay pins. Everyone’s going to have one. Except for me. I’m going to be wearing gold eyeshadow and will carry a bag of bread and pastries: A combination of Cinna and Peeta. Why? Because I feel like it. That and my hair is too short to braid :/

    • My hair is quite long. Plenty long enough to braid, but it’s SO. FREAKING. THICK. that I can’t have a side braid D’: A regular braid is barely doable. It’s ree-dee-kewww-lussss (is that how a capitol accent sounds????)
      I haven’t been able to find a mockingjay pin. But I like the cinna+peeta thing:)

    • They used to have mockingjay pins at Hot Topic for a few bucks. As soon as I found out, I went – literally rhe NEXT day.

      Sold out.


  8. To be fair, if you can’t see the similarities to Twilight with how women are objectified, the slut shaming, the horrible lack of research and the basic lack of understanding why this dystopia would never make sense or last this long in the first place, I don’t consider you my intellectual equal, either.

    • Wow. First of all, your awesome, second of all, I nearly never use that word, third of all, I will admit (easily) to not being your intellectual equal if you have the kindness to describe your point to someone who has not read twilight, and has read only the first hunger games (for reasons stated in my now shallow sounding comment above). Oh, and you should check out the group “boycott sexism,” it has a dying discussion on it relating to girls in the media to which I believe you could contribute to greatly (this isn’t promotional, its not my group).

  9. My friend is the only one dressing up in a group of ten-twenty. Why isn’t anyone else dressing up? Because we’re going FRIDAY AFTERNOON. She has really short light brown hair, and is dressing up as…Katniss.

  10. I lurve HG so much. I’m wearing a side bread to the movie, and briging toast. :3


    (Boy with the bread + Girl on fire = Toast)

  11. I might try to rock a side braid but it will probably fall out before I get to the theater, then again I’m going to try and with until the week after it comes out to watch it. oh oh oh and by the way TEAM PEETA(both book and actor!!!!)

  12. This whole “movie” thing is making me mad. The whole point of this book is not just about Katniss, not about romance, not about heartbreak, and not about the gore. The whole book is a warning to the whole world about where we are headed! That is the main reason why I love the book. Now with the movie we have turned it into something it isn’t. Something like this will happen in the future. It is all a matter of time.

    • Exactly! I was just thinking that a lot of the point of the books is so people can see where the future could end up without feeling like doom-sayers. Although the other stuff is very good too.

    • You’re lying to yourself if you think the book isn’t about romance. I won’t even start with the political basis for the society in HG being related in any way to the current state of affairs, because there’s no way to address every government in the world, and it’s not even my point. Gale wouldn’t need to be in the story at all if Suzanne Collins hadn’t seen how popular the love triangle is with teenage girls. Sure he plays a big role but if he wasn’t needed for the romance, every other role he plays in Katniss’ life could be filled by somebody else. And I don’t blame Collins, because obviously romace sells, but there’s no way the series is just about the dystopia.

  13. Haha I wore a full on tribute costume to the midnight premiere. I was going to make a bow or borrow one but my mom said that we’re not allowed to bring weapons to the theater lol. I had a backpack, a legit-looking Katniss arena outfit, pin, orange and gray tape and all (even boots and awesome legit-looking pants :D). I also had a side-braid. WHAT NOW! Also, my friend dressed up as a completely legit-looking Effie Trinket. People asked to take pictures with us. πŸ˜€ I’m so cool. Lol. I also saw it twice in the same day and the second time, I forced my best friend to wear a Glimmer costume and she looked exactly like her! Haha…shiny lip gloss makes every Glimmer costume πŸ˜€
    That was long.

  14. I went with a group of seven Katnisses, all in tribute clothes with bows and arrows…

    I had a Seneca Crane beard. And a stuffed toy pig.

  15. I used to LOVE twilight…. but once I read teh book for class, it’s hunger games and Peeta Mellark all the way baby! (even though Twilight will always have a special place in my heart… so will the hunger games! I <3 u to death Peeta Bread!!!!)

  16. The Hunger Games—both film and books—were incredibly meaningful and real. It is a incredible book for those of us who have outgrown the Twilight series.

    • I know, it’s so sad! But I guess if Rue didn’t die, either Katniss or Rue would have to kill one another in the end, which would be even more sad.

  17. You know, now that you mention it, at least half of the theater during the opening of thHunger Gmes had side braids! how crazy is that?

  18. Ha! I’m one of those few people who obviously have no souls. I may have finished it, but it doesn’t mean I liked it.

  19. LOL I was wearing a full on tribute costume with a side braid, bow, and quiver of arrows. I LOVE the Hunger Games! But Harry Potter most πŸ™‚ sorry had to say it.

  20. while peeta made be idiotic in the books, you most certainly cannot deny the fact that JOSH HUTCHERSON IS THE HOTTEST AND BEST ACTOR EVER!!!!!!!!!! <3

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