Script Frenzy Kid: An Interview with Pablo Ramirez

Figs, have you been spending your time rewatching your favorite movies to prepare for Script Frenzy, the writing challenge from the geniuses behind NaNoWriMo, where you draft an entire screenplay (or TV script or play or graphic novel) during the month of April?

We know your fingers are still recovering from NaNoWriMo, but we’re pretty sure that “carpal tunnel” nonsense is just a myth. So get inspired by some Frenzied Figs and get those typing digits ready: only nine days to go!

Can’t wait to get started? You can post the treatment (a brief, 300 word summary) of your planned screenplay on Figment for a chance to win a phone consultation with Scott Myers! And if you’re looking for support during the big month, join the official Script Frenzy group here.

Yours in solidarity is Pablo Ramirez:

How did you hear about Script Frenzy?
I won NaNoWriMo six months ago, and since I won the thrill of writing hasn’t really left. When I saw that Script Frenzy was happening I thought, “Sign me up!”

Tell us about your experience with scriptwriting. Have you written anything before, or will Script Frenzy be your first experience?
I’ve been performing in plays since I was seven, so scripts have always surrounded me in that sense, and I have always found the prospect of writing a script tantalizing. However, I’ve never really had a strong plot or characters until now, so this will be my first attempt.

What’s the title of the script you’re planning? What’s it about? Is it a film, TV show, play, or comic book?
The script will be a movie called “Chain Mail.” I want it to be a kind of tragicomedy, à la Zombieland. The movie is about a kid who doesn’t resend one of those chain mail messages, and the creature from the message comes for him, so it’s a race against time before the creature destroys the kid.

What techniques are you using to plan your script?
I cannot stress enough how helpful the guides on the Script Frenzy website have been already. They’ve literally given me all the tools I need, all I have to do now is write!

Who are your scriptwriting heroes? Who will you look to for guidance this April?
In terms of plot I’ll just try and go back through different places where I see comedy, be it The Daily Show, Archer, Family Guy, The Office, etc. For scripts in general I’ll look through scripts from movies I like.

How do you plan to get through 30 days of scriptwriting next month?
The same way I got through NaNoWriMo: I will write every day and incorporate writing as homework in my daily routine, I’ll tell as many people about the script as I can so that that makes me go through with it, and I’ll try to have unhealthy amounts of fun as I write the script!

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