From the Forums: Do You Like My Book Jacket?

Last week, we sent you over to the forums to discuss an important question: What makes a book cover truly great? You talked about favorite fonts, trash talked with .gifs, and showed some love to The Twilight saga! Check out what your fellow Figs had to say, and then join this week’s conversation about cover pet peeves–for a chance to win a prize pack of books!

Wynter keeps it positive: “A great cover will make me want to pick the book up and take it home because even if the book isn’t any good, I can stare at the cover.”

Madeline writes: “I think the best type of cover is one that has a tie in to the story, one that’s almost like an inside joke between the reader and the book. There should be something on it that just won’t make since until later on in the story, something intriguing that’ll make the person reading NEED to know where it came from, what it is, what’s going on.”

Elaine says: “Book covers should follow the basic character appearance, for example, I’ve seen book covers with long, brown-haired girls on the front when the main character has a short red-bob. I also like the covers that have just as deep a meaning as the title itself. Covers that make you pause and try and decipher the artist’s messages are always good ones.”

Steffi May shares a story: “The title should be bigger than the author’s name. For the longest time, I thought the Judy Blume books were actually called Judy Blume because her name was the biggest thing on the cover (no offense to Judy Blume or other authors that do that).”

Vee Weasley stays simple: “A good book cover is one that doesn’t just have a random girl in a pretty dress.”

This is wise stuff right here. Keep it mind when you’re designing a cover for Rachel Hawkins’s new novel, Spell Bound. If you win, Hyperion will send you a special edition of the book professionally printed with YOUR cover!

And if you feel like sharing some of your favorite covers, pin them to our board on Pinterest for a chance to win an awesome prize pack of books.

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