Breaking: Famous Author Wants to Give You Money!

Who among us isn’t attracted to the lure of celebrity? And who among us would turn down the chance to win $500 from a celebrity? All right, so Jonathan Safran Foer, author extraordinaire of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (which you can begin reading for a limited time on Figment here) and Everything Is Illuminated, won’t technically be writing you a personal check . . . but he will be judging your writing in a scholarship contest co-sponsored by Figment and Zinch. You have until May 31st to submit a piece of no more than 600 characters. What’s stopping you?

4 thoughts on “Breaking: Famous Author Wants to Give You Money!

  1. Your description says “No more than 600 words,” but the the submission page says “600 characters or less.” Which one is it?

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