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Every week, The Huffington Post editors peruse the selection of top-notch teen writing on Figment and choose some pieces that they want to see featured on their Teen Fiction page. It’s a pretty sweet deal for both parties: Huffington Post gets to expose their audience to fiction and poetry they might not have discovered on their own, and Figgies get their shot at everlasting glory and, more importantly, Internet fame. Is there anything more worthwhile than that?

This week, we want to congratulate Figment users Emma, Emilie, and Taralei Griffin, whose work is up on The Huffington Post!

Good work, Emma! Your story, “Ignore Them,” is up right now!

Congratulations, Emilie! The Huffington Post is currently featuring your story, “Broken Mirror.”

And well done, Taralei! Your story “Impertinent Dancer” was selected by the editors for a feature.

Great job all around, Figmenters! Keep on keepin’ on, and never give up on your dreams of online fame.




3 thoughts on “This Week on Huff Post

    • Hey Falanna-

      Exemplary stories from Figment are chosen by the editorial team to be sent to the Huffington Post. The best way to get chosen is to keep writing and posting your work on Figment!

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