Girls Write Now CHAPTERS 2012: Spotlight on Mennen

On March 23, I was lucky enough to be invited to attend a Girls Write Now CHAPTERS reading at the historic John Street Church in Manhattan’s financial district. It was a blast! I’m always blown away by the talented creative work from the Girls Write Now mentees–high school girls who work with professional writers and editors to hone their craft–and last Friday was no exception.

Before the reading, I had a chance to sit down with Mennen Gordon, a Girls Write Now mentee and Figment user. Mennen was understandably nervous; she was about to read the prologue from her novel aloud to a roomful of people. Mennen and I chatted about her experience at GWN, her work, and her ambitions. Tune in to our talk below, and watch the full video to hear Mennen’s piece–“Multiverse”–read by the author herself. Oh, and want to know what Rory Satran, Mennen’s brimming-with-pride mentor, had to say about her all-grown-up mentee? The end of the video gives a glimpse into Mennen and Rory’s supportive, productive relationship.

Click here for the full video of Mennen’s reading. Which other fellow Figs moonlight as GWN mentees/mentors and John Street celebs? Check out the other GWN CHAPTERS readers on Figment!

Emely Paulino read her piece “A Poem to New (You)”

Erika Alfaro read her piece “Underground”

Amy Feldman read her piece “The Language of Chocolate”

My-Thuan Tran read her piece “A Serving of Eggs and Mayo on Top”

Ruby Feliz & Jalylah Burrell read their pieces “Nothing Better Than A Woman . . . A True Woman” & “Piece Peace”

Lashanda Anakwah read her piece “Grandma”

Chandra Hughes & Claudia Parsons read their piece “Project Millennium”

Nathalie Gomez read her piece “Page 158, line 27”

Iris Torres read her piece “Noona”

Mayuri Chandra read her piece “Denial”

You can watch all the CHAPTERS readings on YouTube here–including that of guest star Alix Kates Shulman, author of Memoirs of an Ex-Prom Queen and To Love What Is.

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