She’s the First Poetry Break

All week we’ve been sharing poems with you from a new poetry anthology produced by our friends at She’s the First. Not only is If the World Were My Classroom packed with lyrical goodness for your National Poetry Month enjoyment, but it’s also a fundraiser to help finance girls’ education around the world. Each poem in the anthology (which you can buy right here) was written in response to the prompt, “If the world were your classroom what would you teach a girl?” Here’s a taste of one of the poetic responses to that question:

Classrooms are full of pressures and doubts.
No one hears her when she shouts.

She struggles through rumors, each story causing her more pain, when all she wants from this place is to make a name.

Little do they know she’s tougher than she looks, she has more knowledge than just from the books.

Knowledge and courage can get you far, whatever the goal, aim for the stars. Stand your ground firm and continue to learn.

Now keep your head up girl, you can conquer this world.

-Jessie Price

For more, go order your very own copy of If the World Were My Classroom. And save the date. She’s The First will also be hosting a poetry-filled fundraiser in New York City on Tuesday, April 17. Several poets published in the anthology will read their works live. Oh, and if you can’t make it in person, don’t despair, the event will also be a live streamed! Talk about poetic justice!

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