What the Fig?: “The Voice”

Created by: John de Mol and Roel van Velzen

Judged By: Christina AguileraAdam Levine, Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton

Have you ever dreamed of tossing away your laptop and chasing after your musical dreams? For the contestants of NBC’s The Voice, it’s a reality. These singers are invited to perform in front of four celebrity judges (Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, and Blake Shelton) and are given the chance to compete for a record deal, money, and private sessions with more celebrity coaches.

I’ve been watching the show’s second season on and off since the auditions and have been mildly surprised. Don’t assume that these are like the boring, occasionally comical American Idol auditions in any way. These auditions involve spinning chairs and big buttons! The contestant sings for a little over a minute, during which time the judges–who are not allowed to see the contestants until they either press their button or until the song is over–may choose to press their button and invite the contestant onto their team. If only one judge presses his or her button, the contestant automatically gets put onto that judge’s team. However, if more than one judge hits the button, the singer is allowed to choose who he or she would like to work with. And there lies the excitement of auditions.

Most of the contestants who perform are actually quite good, though there are the ones who sound like dying cats but are still somehow put onto teams. Anyways . . .

The set-up of the show presents opportunities for teammates to compete against one another, though there is a lot more focus on the actual singing than on the drama backstage. I love the fact that The Voice isn’t a popularity contest or a “who looks the hottest” show, like so many reality competitions are becoming these days. The Voice focuses on one thing: the voices of the contestants.

I encourage you all to tune into this show when you’re not busy typing up your scripts for Script Frenzy this month. Even though it’s neither drama nor comedy, this competition has some worth. Plus, you get to watch four judges who have tweet-wars between performances. Who doesn’t love a good, wholesome celebrity tweet-war?!

R.J. Hathaway has lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin all her life, though she’s traveled to or through nearly all of the states in America. She is an avid reader and writer, along with a freshman in high school who hopes to graduate early. Besides watching TV, R.J. enjoys swimming, participating in her local theatre, and pretending she’s a photographer. Maybe one day she’ll have her mind set on just one hobby or talent, but, for now, she’s muddling through the sea of them she’s faced with.   

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