Read “Gift” by Andrea J. Buchanan

High school can be rough. Like, three-tests-one-project-your-friend-is-mad-at-you-and-there-is-something-kinda-wrong-with-your-hair rough. So imagine what it would be like to have a dangerous and uncontrollable power to deal with on top of worrying about homework and what you’re wearing to Homecoming.

All things considered, Daisy Jones—the main character in Andrea J. Buchanan’s Gift—is doing pretty well. Along with her best friend, Danielle, Daisy is navigating the troublesome waters of her teen years (and her secret ability to channel electricity) without, you know, totally freaking out. The cute and brooding Kevin might just even have a thing for her! But then she meets Vivi, a mysterious classmate, and everything turns topsy-turvy. Creepy dreams and messages from the beyond? Daisy is going to have to learn to control her power, or risk losing everything.

Intrigued? You can start reading Gift for a limited time right here on Figment by visiting Andrea Buchanan’s author page and scrolling down to “Figment Writings.” And be sure to check out the Gift-inspired contest we’ll be running this weekend to win a free download of the novel! Watch the Contest page for details.


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