Borrowing Abby Grace Flash Fiction Winner!

In Borrowing Abby Grace, Abby would be lost without her mysterious guardian and advisor, Will. Inspired by their unique relationship, we challenged you to describe, in 200 words or fewer, a scene in which a character gets some really bad advice or some really good advice.

While all the entries rocked, only one lucky and talents soul could win all three episodes of Abby’s adventures–as well as all three books in The Start Up series by Sadie Hayes and¬†The Dig by Audrey Hart. Oh, yeah, and did we mention? They’re all pre-loaded on a brand new Kindle Touch!

So let’s all extend a warm congratulations to the deranged wolf, who won with the fantastic story¬†Mother’s Monster Advice.

Yo, deranged–can we borrow that sweet kindle?!

2 thoughts on “Borrowing Abby Grace Flash Fiction Winner!

  1. Could you explain this, please? My story had the most hearts….? I was under the assumption that if your story is “most hearted” then you win? I don’t get it.. I’m upset. I worked hard on trying to win this & you can obviously tell by all the hearts I got–69 Hearts…

    • Hey Kearstin-

      The manner in which a winner is chosen is listed in the announcement. The Borrowing Abby Grace Flash Fiction contest was not heart-based; it was judged by a team of Figment editors. Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.

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