12 thoughts on “Hurry! Hurry! The Springsweet Contest Ends Today

  1. How do you know if your story was entered correctly into the contest? I don’t know if mine was put in yet…

    • Hey Lexi-

      As long as the story was created after the announcement of the contest and has the proper tag, you’re entered!

  2. Dang it! I didn’t see this until today and my internet blocks me off at 10 pm (ten minutes)so I won’t have time to finish the story and post it. I’ll have it done but I won’t be able to post it cause of the internet cut off. Is there any way you could let me enter just a day late? I’ll enter tomarow morning, as soon as I can. PLEASE STILL ACCEPT IT!!

    • Hey Cassidy-

      We are unable to accept entries that are posted after the deadline or are over the word count. You should definitely enter the next contest! We’d love to see your entry on Figment!

  3. …So it’s too late to enter? 🙁 Cuz I have thhis really awesome story that I could’ve entered!

    • Calli-

      The contest has ended! But you should still post your story on Figment and share your awesome with the world!

  4. Are we allowed to make edits after the entry date to a story that has been submitted to the contest on time?

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