Winners of the Peter and the Starcatcher Contest!

Tons of Figgies wrote their hearts out for our Peter and the Starcatcher contest.We asked all of you to write a story in 750 words or fewer inspired by the phrase “young at heart” for a chance to see the Broadway adaptation of a beloved children’s book.

The Figment team has chosen five winners from your most hearted finalists to receive a voucher for two tickets to Peter and the Starcatcher as well as a copy of the novel Peter and the Starcatchers–SIGNED by authors Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson!

Congratualtions to the winners!

Under the Willow Tree by Thea

Polaris by S. E. Cates

Can’t Beat Me by Grace L.

Just Pretend by Dorothee Belli

Cares to the Wind by Melinda P.

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