Book Trailer Carnage!

Seth Grahame-Smith is no stranger to butt-kicking and name-taking when it comes to books. He’s written Pride and Prejudice and Zombies; Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter; and the new Unholy Night, a riff on the story of the three wise men who, in Seth’s version, are also bad-ass thieves.

But as befits a novelist who’s also an in-demand screenwriter—he’s attached to the new Dark Shadows, the upcoming adaptation of AL:VH, and the we-seriously-can’t-wait sequel to Beetlejuice—Seth’s books also come with majorly awesome trailers. These mini-epics are the cutting edge of cool and the gory edge of action-packed.

The clip for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has already been viewed more than 1.6 million times; watch it below, and you can see why. (It’s so legit, there are actual credits at the end.) The new trailer for Unholy Night is equally fantastic: a perfectly beautiful-creepy mix of animation and blood (with a killer choral soundtrack).

Watch the trailers below, then start reading Unholy Night on Figment! And stay tuned for Seth Grahame-Smith himself—he’ll be joining Figment to talk about trailers, his novels, his movies, and more.

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