LA Times Flash Fiction Contest Winners!

So . . . we won the L.A. Times Books Prizes Innovator’s Award, and we’ve been pretty jazzed around the office ever since. In order to share the celebration with you, we hosted a flash-fiction contest inspired by classic comedy items. And Figgies, you sure did deliver. We laughed our funny bones off!

We chose one winner from each of the five days of our contest. Each of the winning authors will receive a classic comedy gag item. Be sure to check out the winning stories below!

Day 1: Yellow Evil by Tierra Sarusrex

Day 2: Captain Kangaroo and His Mighty Mustache by Alex Sheedy

Day 3: Supporting the Thesis by OvercomingDyslexic(Kony2012)

Day 4: Best Laid Plans by Mary McCall

Day 5: The Birthday Terror by Chloe B.

Congrats to all of the winners!

2 thoughts on “LA Times Flash Fiction Contest Winners!

  1. Wait… I missed out on a comedy contest. WHICH WAS ALSO A FLASH FICTION CONTEST??

    This must happen again. And on that day, the contest winnings SHALL BE MINE.

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