Thinking Sideways Contest Winners!

Printz Award-winning author Meg Rosoff wrote her latest book, There Is No Dog, by doing what she calls “thinking sideways.” To do this Meg says, “You have to train yourself to tilt your head a little bit to the side and squint at the world; to see it from a slightly different angle.” For the Thinking Sideways Contest, we challenged you to turn one of your favorite stories upside-down.

In this contest, the top-ten most-hearted entries were all winners–and they’re all fantastic stories, well worth the read–but only one could win the grand prize. The lucky and talented Fig who won a class set of 30 copies of There Is No Dog for her school, as well as a prize pack of 20 Penguin YA titles is . . .

Lilly Maison, with her awesome story, The Danger Tree!

Congrats, Lilly!

The following nine runners-up will all be receiving Penguin prize packs containing four YA titles:

Grumpy by MadyCTurner
Meeting Holly Shorts by TheHalf-Light
Insomnia by Pea by Rona Wang
Skin and Bones by Nebraska S.
Seven Degrees of Persephone by Becky Hill
I Wasn’t Always This Way by Madelyn Neal
Not So Sweet Any Longer by Ella LS The Epic
Sweet and Pure by Chace Lily Vale
Nobody’s Fool by M. Lee

Congratulations to all of the winners, and thanks to everyone who participated!

3 thoughts on “Thinking Sideways Contest Winners!

  1. Aww… I reached the finalists but I wasn’t able to fill out the affidavit. (Darn printer!) Oh, well. *sigh* Congrats to the winners!

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