Girls Write Now CHAPTERS 2012: Spotlight on Brianna and Kristen

On April 27, I was invited to a Girls Write Now CHAPTERS reading. These readings are one of the best parts about Figment’s partnership with GWN–being about to see that kind of talent in action is really an experience! The event consisted of thirteen short pieces read aloud by their authors:¬†Girls Write Now mentees. The mentees are high school girls who work with professional writers and editors to hone their craft–and often, mentors accompany their mentees onstage to read from duet pieces and offer moral support.

Before the event, I got to sit down with Brianna Marini and her mentor Kristen Demaline. The two of them were about to read from a duet piece they’ve been working on called “The Artist Formerly Known As . . . ” It’s about three adults who run into each other at an art gallery–and who just so happened to have had their ten year high school reunion a few weeks earlier. They’ve got a bit of shared history, and you can feel the unspoken emotions roiling beneath the surface. Want to hear the story read aloud? Check out the video of Brianna and Kristen’s reading here.

The story really comes to life when you get to know its masterminds. Check out my interview with Brianna and Kristen:

At each CHAPTERS reading, a guest author kicks off the night. And the 10-year-old Disney Channel devotee in me went NUTS when I found out that the speaker for this event was going to be none other than Deborah Gregory, the author of The Cheetah Girls series–and a real-life cheetah girl herself! You can see a video of Deborah reading aloud from her most recent series, Catwalk, here.

And imagine my excitement when I got to sit in on an interview with Deborah, conducted by one of the fabulous GWN mentees, Lashanda Anakwah.

Thanks for another fantastic evening, Girls Write Now!

In the New York area? The next CHAPTERS reading will be held on May 21 at John Street Church. Join me there!

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