The Figment Review: Croak by Gina Damico

Lexington Bartleby (Lex for short) is a model juvenile delinquent. Rebellious and angry, she has no problem making it known that she’s not to be messed with. After she narrowly escapes expulsion (again), her parents decide that a vacation on her Uncle Mort’s farm in upstate New York will do her some good. Lex is less than thrilled; she’s never gone more than a few hours without her twin, Cordy, and farming is not exactly her thing. But when she arrives in the eerily picturesque town of Croak, she finds that her future most certainly doesn’t include chickens and hay.

Lex is a Grim Reaper, like every other citizen in Croak, and her vacation with Uncle Mort soon turns into training for her future. She’s a talented Killer (the type of Grim that takes a person’s soul once he’s dead), and she wastes no time putting her powers to use with her new partner, Driggs. But before long, Lex and Driggs start discovering deaths that aren’t . . . possible. The only explanation is that there’s a rogue Grim–otherwise known as a Crasher–on the loose. Of course, Lex, Driggs and the other Junior Grims are the only ones who have been seeing these mysterious deaths, so they take it upon themselves to find out who the Crasher is.

In Croak, the characters are snarky and sharp-tongued, making for hilarious bright spots in all of the darkness that you’d expect in a book about Grim Reapers. Don’t let the cover deter you–this book is a surprisingly fun read.


Mattie is an aspiring novelist who lives in small-town Colorado. She can often be found reading YA fiction when she probably shouldn’t be, resulting in the common phrase of, “Put the book down!” (Unfortunately for whoever says that, it rarely happens.)


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