Script Frenzy Contest Winners!

Last month, we teamed up with our friends over at Script Frenzy to support those of you crazy enough to try to complete an entire movie script in one month. For those valiant Figs who rose to the challenge, we asked just one more tiny thing of you: write a 300-words-or-fewer summary of your script for a chance to win a phone consultation with Scott Myers–screenwriter, producer, member of the Black List, and film professor–to talk all about your masterpiece!

Each and every one of our finalists had an entertaining and unique perspective, but, alas, there can only be three winners!

The grand prize winner is . . .

A Glimpse of Life by Mackenna Cummings

And two honorable mentions who will each receive a prize pack including: a tote bag, t-shirt, storyboard notebook, hat, pen, and stickers are:

Team Einstein by J.C Matveev

A Success on Paper by Taylor Bell

Congratulations to all of the winners!


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