Daily Theme from Dana Spiotta!

If Dana Spiotta published a story on Figment that just included the accolades for her novels, Lightning Field, Eat the Document, and Stone Arabia, it would say “Approximately 2,000 hours to read.” In other (fewer) words, Dana knows how to write, and people have noticed! That’s why we are shaking-like-we-just-drank-five-cups-of-coffee-giddy about her contributing today’s Daily Theme!

Dana’s prompt asks you to look at a big time argument from the other person’s perspective, and she warns that it can get a little, well, emotional . Are you up for the challenge?

Figment Daily Theme-May 17, 2012

Think of a serious conflict from your past.  Think of the time when it really came to a head in an exchange.  Write the scene from the point of view of the other person in the conflict.  This is an empathy exercise, and it takes a little bit of courage.  Make sure you depict the other person’s point of view in good faith.  Make them real, and make the best case you can for their actions.  For me one of the great gifts of writing is learning to see the world through someone else’s eyes, even (or especially) people I don’t like. If you do this exercise correctly, it will make you cry.

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