The Nine Best Updated Classics

We’re rocking an awesome you-could-be-published-in-a-magazine contest  with Justine Magazine. All you need to do is update a classic story into a modern masterpiece. NBD, amirite?

If you’re strapped for inspiration, get inspired by what are, without a doubt, the nine best updates of classic stories.



Clueless (Emma)
This movie is everything good about the 90s and a bag of potato chips. Cher (the neo-Emma) is meddling, naive, and–omgworkinginthemovietitle–clueless. Watch for the slang, the clothes, or to reminisce about how Paul Rudd used to play earnest romantic leads.




Bridget Jones’s Diary (Pride and Prejudice)
This movie is for everyone who loved P&P but thought there was a distinct lack of ice cream and Chaka Khan. Getting Colin Firth to reprise his role as Darcy (after his unforgettable turn as the OG Fitzwilliam in the BBC miniseries) is just the cherry on the it-will-go-straight-to-your-thighs cake.



O Brother, Where Art Thou? (The Odyssey)
We’d watch anything with George Clooney (yes, that includes Spy Kids), but it’s no hardship to watch him play Everett McGill, the charming Odysseus-ian con-artist with a heart of gold and a head of pomade. If you’re familiar with the book, the movie is full of little Easter egg nods to the original tale. Plus the soundtrack? It be kicking, yo.



Sherlock (The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes)
The on-going BBC miniseries is in-between its second and third seasons. This modern take on the classic tales is phenomenal. The use of graphics and light to clarify Sherlock’s unique mental process as well as a killer cast (if you think the Cumberbatch/Freeman combo can’t be topped, wait until you meet Moriarty) makes this a can’t-miss show.



10 Things I Hate About You (The Taming of the Shrew)
Heath! *sob* Despite the overwhelming nostalgia that overtakes us every time the loudspeakers turn on for Heath’s illicit rendition of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You,” this movie is the rommiest of coms. Julia Stile‘s prickly Kat is very grrl power, and a prepubescent Joseph Gordon-Levitt is charming and innocent. Classic sleepover fodder.


Scotland, PA (Macbeth)
This slapstick horror is set in Scotland, PA, at Duncan’s Cafe, where Joe McBeth is convinced by his wife Pat McBeth to murder Duncan to climb up the fast food ladder. Also Christopher Walken is in it, soooooo…




She’s The Man (Twelfth Night)
Girl-dressing-as-boy-and-falling-in-love just begs for a comedic rewrite, and this Amanda Bynes update delivers. For the love of soccer, Viola dresses as her twin brother and heads to Illyria, where she meets Duke, charmingly played by Channing Tatum. This is another one of those stories rife with references to the original story, so if you’ve read the play, be on the lookout!



A Cinderella Story (Cinderella)
Don’t judge us, Judgey McJudgey-pants. This story is oodles of fun, like jumping into a giant pile of whipped cream. All the classic Cinderella elements are present, but so are cell phones, convertibles, and roller-skating waitresses.




West Side Story (Romeo and Juliet)
R+J becomes a story of class-clash and turf wars in this musical adaptation of Shakespeare’s most pervasive story. WSS preserves the romance and tragedy of the classic, but raises the stakes with modern weapons and cultural barriers to love.




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10 thoughts on “The Nine Best Updated Classics

  1. I was very ‘Meh.’ while reading this list when I came to


    That show makes me proud to be English.
    I NEED the next series out NOW.

  2. Sherlock! JustSHERLOCK! Yeah, that’s pretty much my favorite T.V. show in the world of all time.

  3. SHERLOCK! Basically one of the greatest and epicest and awesomest shows of all time!
    Not that I’m, like, obsessed or anything…

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