Vampire Showdown: Round 2!

What would you do if vampires lived in your town?

What if they started going to your high school?

What if one of them started dating your best friend in the world who should really know better?

In the hilarious new novel Team Human, the residents of New Whitby, ME, choose sides when the supernatural comes to town: Are you Team Human? Or Team Vampire?

In honor of our upcoming chat with Team Human authors Justine Larbalestier and Sarah Rees Brennan (which is taking place THIS Sunday night on Figment–and is being moderated by the-one-the-only SCOTT WESTERFELD!) we want YOU to choose sides and tell us: Who should lead Team Vampire?

In Round 1 of the Vampire Showdown, you knocked out Edward “Sparkle Motion” Cullen and “Too Insane for a Last Name” Lestat. In Round 2, four vamps battle for the top two spots. Who deserves to make it to the final round? Vote below!

The Loverboys

Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Spike fights against his nature to prove to Buffy that he deserves her. He goes to extremes to regain a soul—a curse in the vampire world—so that she will trust him. Does he make mistakes? Yes. Massive mistakes. Terrible, huge mistakes. But he’s willing to sacrifice himself for ultimate good. And that’s D’awe-some.


Stefan (The Vampire Diaries)
Stefan is thrown for a loop when he and his brother both fall for the same girl (again), but it is his love of Elena Gilbert that helps him overcome his lapse into drinking human blood.



The I’ll-Sleep-When-I’m-Really-Deads

Selene (Underworld)
Selene fights to avenge the death of her family, single-mindedly hunting the Lycan scum she believed killed them. When she finds out the truth is more complicated, she doesn’t miss a tick. She’ll give you the what-for and look good doing it! Though maybe not as good as Spike . . .



Dracula (Dracula)
The O.G. Vampire (Nosferatu can bite it), Dracula is Vlad to the bone. Sure, he’s got to cart around a slice of the homeland in order to sleep at night, but everyone has their hang-ups.



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