Enter Figment’s The Dark Knight Rises Sweepstakes!

Who’s tall, dark, totally batty, and coming to a theater near you? Batman, people. It’s Batman. The Dark Knight Rises, the super-epic conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, opens in theaters and IMAX on July 20, and we are so, so, SO excited. So excited in fact that we’re hosting a big old sweepstakes, with chances to win all kinds of delectable Dark Knight swag.

This movie’s going to be big, so you might want to line up for tix, oh, around now, but before you do, be sure to enter our sweepstakes, which you can do by clicking here!

7 thoughts on “Enter Figment’s The Dark Knight Rises Sweepstakes!

  1. Uh, is the contest over, because I can’t get to it on my computer, like I can’t see anything. It loads and then there all the figment stuff, then there’s a blank space. Can someone help me?

    • Hey Noah-

      If you win, you get one of the above listed prizes. And winners are chosen randomly from people that fill out the form in the sweepstakes widget above!

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