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If you’re like us, these brain-frying dog days of summer have you in a state that’s a little more perspiration than inspiration. A little more ready-to-eat-ice-cream-in-a-kiddy-pool than ready-to-craft-a-modern-masterpiece.

Well, never fear Figs. Get ready for a week of writerly inspiration courtesy of Kami Garcia. You know her as the New York Times bestselling co-author of the Beautiful Creatures novels (coming to the big screen on February 13, 2013) and the author of the upcoming Unbreakable, the first in her solo series, The Legion, which is also being made into a major motion picture, by Mark Morgan (the producer of some little films you might know like, oh, The Twilight Saga and Percy Jackson and the Olympians.)

Yeah, Kami’s all that and a jar of Nutella, and she’s contributing a week of writing prompts to Figment’s Daily Themes. We’re posting today’s and Thursday’s here on the Daily Fig, but for the rest of Kami’s awesome prompts, you’ll have to signup for Daily Themes!

Figment Daily Theme–July 30, 2012

Create an “Imperfect Villain”
As writers, we spend a lot of time developing our heroes or protagonists, which can leave our villains or antagonists feeling flat or one-dimensional if they are not given equal attention. The best villains or antagonists are flawed for a reason – Magneto in the X-Men comics (taken to a concentration camp as a child and forced to use his ability to help the Nazis) or Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter novels (abandoned by his father in a Muggle orphanage).

Create an imperfect villain – one with a rich history that explains the events that shaped your antagonist – the painful or traumatic events that created the character your readers will love to hate.

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