Your Best Cliffhanging Intros

“It’s one of those cool, crisp fall nights that make you feel like the air is ripe with possibility, like anything can happen.”

The beginning of Beautiful Lies sets the stage for action, mystery, and a story filled with twists and turns. In last week’s newsletter, we asked you to create an opening that promised lots of action to come, and you delivered in spades! Congrats to Tessa Graves, who’s entry “Now That I Think About It…” was our top pick. Here is Tessa’s sentence along with the  four other finalists! Well done!

Now That I Think About It… by Tessa Graves 
Now that I think about it, it’s actually quite stupid to go out into the woods at midnight, all by yourself, and completely shoeless.

The Border by Brooke Fowler

She walks toward the border. Every step she makes is like a door of oppurtunity slamming shut, until there is only one door left.

Guiding Moon. by Kaitlyn Price

At three I was guiding the moon, now at seventeen the moon is guiding me.

Anti- by alexdreamsintechnicolour

The one thing that Josh Cotlands had never predicted was that he would have the antichrist sitting on his sofa happily tucking into ice cream.

Catching Falling Stars by (The Original) Stonia T. Dupe

She came on the night with no moon, and she was all the dark needed.


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