Team-Inspired Short Story Contest

We’re hosting an awesome short story contest inspired by Dan Krokos’s new novel, False Memory.

Write a story, 1,200 words or less, about a team told from a particular point of view and you could win a pile of books.

The most-hearted entries will be judged by Dan Krokos!

What are you waiting for? Enter the contest already!

5 thoughts on “Team-Inspired Short Story Contest

  1. Regarding the clause of “Not Previously Published”
    does that mean we can’t use the characters and setting of a work we’ve posted and are working on? I find it particularly good practice, but I understand if this is against the rules. I just wanna know

  2. Kayla: With you there, sister. And since I don’t feel like copying and pasting swap requests on everyone’s board and/or have a million followers, guess I’m out of luck.

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