Justine Magazine Contest Semi-Finalists

You can’t beat a classic story, but these Figment users re-wrote one! Figment and Justine Magazine challenged you to write a short story modernizing any classic work of literature. (Is anyone else wondering what Huck Finn would be like today?) We’re thrilled to announce the 21 semi-finalists, who will be narrowed down to five finalists by the Justine editorial team. Those five finalists will be sent to Amanda Hocking (author of the new novel Wake), who will choose the winner and two runners-up. Check out their stories and wish your fellow Figs good luck!


They Call Me Thief by Katie Z

The odd one by Rachel Maller

What Lurks Beneath the Bridge by Melanie Gross

Oh My Lord! (Of the Flies) by Jahnvi Bansal

Tess of Sorrow by Em Kam

Escape Hatch by Emily Skrutskie

The Good Guy by Cassie Rose

If The Shoe Fits by Christy Aleckson

Fast Asleep by Lucy Shifflett

Scarlet by Tori Lutz

Language of Love and Water by OvercomingDyslexic

Her Real Prince by Brittany J.

Charm and Punishment by Kiersten Nicole Shafer

The Sorority Code by Hana Lee

Never by Lizzy LeMieux

Alex in Wonderland by Stephanie Ashworth

Of Stars by M. Lee

Death of Me by ☀Asher the Hypernova

Hacking the Corruption by Invisible

The Steadfast Soldier by Nicole Enyart

The Death of Me by Mary Qin


The winner will receive an awesome e-book reader—and will become a published author when her story appears in Justine Magazine in the October/November 2012 issue. The runners-up will also be featured in the issue and will receive a backpack filled with the latest YA books!



NOTE: Due to an error in our vote tallying process, we have named one extra semifinalist.

9 thoughts on “Justine Magazine Contest Semi-Finalists

  1. Hey, I’m so glad to finally see this list. I squeezed by at #19! I was wondering, is there a tentative date we will know the winners?

  2. All the stories were amazing! I haven’t checked out all the semi-finalist entries, but I can’t wait to get to them!

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