Behind the Cover: False Memory

From now until September 29, Hyperion is challenging you to design a brand new cover for False Memory by Dan Krokos. Stumped on where to begin? Designing a cover is a process. Read on below to see the many drafts of the False Memory cover and how Hyperion came to the final design.

There’s a story behind every cover and here is False Memory‘s. Special thanks to designer Sammy Yuen who wanted to get it right just as bad as we did . . .

It started with this comp (below), the fiery rose (a rose, in the world of False Memory, applies to an elite group of teens who have undergone a form of gene therapy that affects their brain is some very powerful ways).



We loved the intensity of it and the dark smoky quality but did it look adventurous? Was it too pretty? Too paranormal? Should we include the characters on the cover?



A new take. Now we have a hint of the main characters and we loved seeing the circuit board but we are missing the bold iconic object. Luckily, a tattoo of a circuit board was added in the second pass. What if we have the designer try adding a symbol on the circuit board?



The big iconic object is a great addition, but the skull isn’t exactly right. Also, we’re missing figures (the characters). So we make a few more changes.



Nearly there! The red-and-black color scheme is striking, but we think blue-and-black could be even better. About three months after our first fiery rose comp we’ve got a book cover.



Everyone’s happy, including author Dan Krokos, just ask him @DanKrokos.

6 thoughts on “Behind the Cover: False Memory

  1. You should see my cover I did for the contest. I stuck with the same colors, but changed some thing I thought might looks even better. I love the first comp!!! That rose is amazing!

  2. Personally, I liked the 4th cover! It just looks better, in my opinion, than last cover. Blue just doesn’t work for me–maybe that’s why I haven’t picked it up.

  3. The first and the second are the most entertaining looking. The blue-on-black scheme of the last is very attention grabbing, and the first one really ties in nicely with the title. The other two look like the common book fair novels you get, nothing really that exciting, though it still looks good.

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