Deco Fashion from The Diviners

There are lots of things about New York City in the ’20s to make you swoon: hot jazz at the Cotton Club, glamorous celebrities like F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, real jake slang. But who are we kidding. It’s all about the clothes, isn’t it? Libba Bray‘s latest novel, The Diviners, is set in 1926 and stars three very different birds—with very different senses of style. Come along as Figment plays Art Deco dress-up …

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Evie O’Neill

Our dashing heroine. Seventeen-year-old Evie’s been itching to get out of Zenith, Ohio, forever—though she didn’t quite expect to be leaving under a cloud of scandal. She’s a little outrageous and she’s always in the middle of wherever she doesn’t belong. But she’s also a loyal friend and a real brave doll. Which comes in handy when this Sheba finds herself chasing down murderers, ghosts, and murderous ghosts. Here’s what we imagine her wearing as she heads off with friends to the Hotsy Totsy, the hottest new nightclub in Harlem:

Diviners by Libba Bray - Evie O'Neill

Theta Knight

A glamorous dancer with the even-more glamorous Ziegfeld Follies. Theta Knight, with her jet-black hair cut in a Louise Brooks shingle bob with bangs, is the most striking woman Evie has ever met. When she sees her for the first time in their hotel lobby, Theta is striding into the lobby wearing men’s pajamas under a blue silk bathrobe. A stage-door Johnny has sent her a dozen long-stemmed red roses—which just makes Theta yawn and toss them to the doorman. “Oh, brother! Give these to your girl, Eddie …”

Diviners by Libba Bray - Theta Knight

Mabel Rose

Mabel doesn’t dazzle like Evie or Theta. The quiet, studious daughter of two socialist agitators, Mabel hasn’t even gotten her hair bobbed yet. But there’s more steel in Mabel than people realize—and, when it comes to handsome, equally taciturn Jericho Jones, more flutteriness than even she can admit.

Diviners by Libba Bray - Mabel Rose

11 thoughts on “Deco Fashion from The Diviners

  1. i think i would have to say i am a mix of all 3. i love the dress and things for Evie, but would be more into the comfort and sassiness of Theta. unfortunately i am completely shy like Mabel Rose and so i would probably buy the 1st outfit and hang it on the back of the door and promise myself i would wear it. most likely it would hang there until it was no longer in fashion. LOL! i know sad and pathetic huh? oh well, i would still have an unbelievable gorgeous gown!

    tammy ramey

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