Automaton Newsletter Contest

In The Dark Unwinding, Katharine Tulman’s uncle invents elaborate and lifelike automatons to replicate his loved ones who have died (including one of Katharine’s father). He also creates fantastical and beautiful creatures, like peacocks, dragons, and fish that can really swim.

In last week’s newsletter, we asked you to describe an automaton you would like to create. You guys created some pretty imaginative stuff: a puppy, a best friend, and the WritingMaton3300!

Congrats to Astora Kage, who’s entry “The Clockwork Bird” was our top pick. Here is Astora’s entry, along with the four other finalists!

The winning entry:

The Clockwork Bird by Astora Kage

Other favorites:

Clockwork Tiger by Raine

My Best Friend’s Blueprint by Leah Hotchkiss

The Automaton by Sophie Borgenicht

My Dearest of Friends by The Empty Child

And if you’re curious, here’s a video of a real-life automaton (kinda creepy, huh?)

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