Winners in the Justine Magazine Contest!

Figment and Justine Magazine

This summer, Figment and Justine Magazine challenged you to write a short story modernizing any classic work of literature. And now, bestselling writer Amanda Hocking (author of the new novel Wake) has picked the GRAND-PRIZE WINNER to be published in Justine and receive a swank new e-reader. Your winner is . . . ::drumroll::


Catherine Bedwell Justine Magazine ContestCatherine Bedwell, a.k.a. Cassie Rose!

Catherine wowed Amanda with The Good Guy, her retelling of a scene from E.M. Forster’s A Room With a View.




Amanda also named two runners-up!

Emily Burton Justine Magazine ContestEmily Burton, a.k.a. OvercomingDyslexic

Emily reimagined the classic fairy tale “The Little Mermaid” in Language of Love and Water.




Lucy Shifflett Justine Magazine ContestLucy Shifflett

Lucy modernized “Sleeping Beauty” in her story Fast Asleep.





Amanda Hocking author of Wake

Amanda Hocking (author of the new novel Wake) chose Catherine to win an awesome e-book reader—and become a published author now that her story has appeared in Justine Magazine‘s October/November 2012 issue (on-sale now)!

Emily and Lucy are also featured in the issue and will receive a backpack filled with the latest YA books.

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