Enter the Through to You Sweepstakes!

When Viv dies in a car accident, everything good in Camden Pike’s life is gone. Viv’s support was the only thing that got Cam through a career-ending football injury and a home life in shambles. Desperate for any comfort, Cam returns to the scene of Viv’s accident and is stunned when he discover a parallel world in which Viv is alive.

But it’s not his Viv. The parallel Viv isn’t the same person Cam is grieving for, but will he cling to the comfort anyway? Or will he let her go?

Wanna find out what happens? Enter below for a chance to win Emily Hainsworth’s new novel Through to You so you can discover Cam’s choice!

To enter the Through to You Sweepstakes, just fill out the form below. Click here to read the full raffle rules. You have until 11:59 p.m. ET on Tuesday, October 16 to enter. Three winners will be selected at random to receive a copy of Through to You.

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