Melissa de la Cruz on Werewolves, Blue Bloods, YA fiction

Melissa de la Cruz is the author of several best-selling series, including Au Pairs and Blue Bloods. She’s written teen novels about vampires and witches, and now she’s reinventing the werewolf story in her new series Wolf Pact (you can read an excerpt right here). Melissa has been nice enough to talk with Figment about the new series, the experience writing the book with her husband, and her upcoming projects.

Describe the Wolf Pact series in five words.

Blue Bloods spinoff with werewolves.

You come from a big family. Did they inspire the family dynamic of the brothers in Wolf Pact? Do you draw any inspiration for your books from your home life?

Wolf Pact was co-written by my husband and the brothers were inspired by his brothers—there are four of them in the family. (Mike is the second oldest, like Lawson, natch.) We wanted to write a story about boys, about brothers, and while it’s inspired by the dynamic of having a lot of brothers and what boys are like as a group, that’s pretty much it. The characters take over after that.

Wolf Pact is a spinoff of Blue Bloods. Did you have the idea to do a werewolf series from the beginning, or was it an idea that developed as you worked on the books?

I had the idea for Wolf Pact around 2007, a year after Blue Bloods was published. I knew how Bliss’s story in Revelations was going to end, and I wanted a way for her to win redemption somehow. Wolf Pact was born from that desire to continue her story.

You have a play list for Blue Bloods. Did you make one for Wolf Pact? Do Lawson and Tala have a song?

Not yet. But yes they do. Probably something from Elvis Costello. There are a bunch of songs quoted in the book already. I really liked “Man Out of Time”— it seemed to describe Lawson perfectly.

The quote that opens the first book in the series (“Sometimes it’s necessary to go a long distance out of the way in order to come back a short distance correctly.” —Edward Albee) applies so well to Lawson’s story. How did you choose it? Did you have it in mind when you started writing the book?

It was Mike’s idea. He found the quote while we were writing the book and we immediately loved it and thought it was perfect for the story.

What appeals to you most about writing young adult fiction?

I love getting in the heads of young people, writing characters who have so much possibility in front of them. I love Lawson. He’s so wild and rebellious, and I always tell everyone a guy who steals cars at 16 is so hot, but at 35, he’s a loser. I love that I write about that time in your life when you can make mistakes and do this kind of stuff—and you can still put it behind you. Also my characters are immortal so they never age . . . 🙂

After Blue Bloods and Wolf Pact, what’s next for you? Are you going to continue to write about the paranormal?

Yes, my Witches of East End series is still going, and it’s under pilot production at Lifetime right now. Mike and I have a new dystopian fantasy series called Frozen coming out in March. It’s a lot of fun with action, romance, mystery, adventure . . . set in a post-apocalyptic frozen world.

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