Speechless, by Hannah Harrington

In honor of YALSA’s Teen Read Week, Figment and Justine Magazine are highlighting some hot new books that are trending now. Want to win all five? Enter the Double Your Fun sweepstakes before October 27!

Today’s book is Speechless, an unmissable story of friendship and forgiveness. Check out what the teen girls of Justine‘s Spark Book Club thought of Hannah Harrington’s new novel!

Best Reason to Bite Your Tongue:
Speechless by Hannah Harrington

“After Chelsea spills someone else’s secret, she becomes a social outcast. This look at the power and pain that can be caused by casual teen gossip is a do-not-miss.”

Speechless reminded me of my friends because it’s honest and the characters’ flaws were the reason I liked them.” — Maggie S.

“I felt like Chelsea was one of my good friends and I was growing up and figuring things out right beside her.” —Brea T.

“When you’re in high school people are always telling you about how one decision, one moment, can change a life. This book totally captures that reality.” –Caitlyn E.

“Everyone who reads this book will feel like they know Chelsea Knot . . . or ARE Chelsea Knot. This spot-on portrayal of high school gossip, popularity and labeling is one of my top picks for this year.” –Miranda K.

“As soon as I finished this book I wanted to go hug my friends. It’s a strong reminder of how one or two REAL friends can change your life. It made me want to be THAT kind of friend.” –Kaitlin B.

Want to see for yourself? Read the first chapter of Speechless!

One thought on “Speechless, by Hannah Harrington

  1. Sounds interesting and I like the theme. I’ll keep this in mind next time I’m looking for a new read!

    On another note, I’m a bit surprised Figment hasn’t said anything yet about NaNoWriMo, we’re getting pretty close…no plotting tips or motivation or ideas?

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