Who Done It? Alibi Contest Finalists

who done it soho teen jon scieszkaJohn Green didn’t do it. Lemony Snicket didn’t do it. And, apparently, you didn’t do it either!

We challenged you to join 83 of the world’s most popular YA authors and prove that you did NOT kill the evil-incarnate editor, Herman Mildew. You wrote, and voted, and now it’s time to announce the 30 finalists who will be sent to celebrity judges Adele Griffin, Jon Scieszka, and Melissa Walker.

Check out the finalists below, and wish your fellow Figs luck in the judging process!



Letter to Inspector Lawrence by Alice Cyanne Leigh
Yes. Seriously.
by Catharine Levi
Non Sequitur
by S. B. Linton
I’m Flattered
by Moona
Even If I Tried
by Lauren Smith
Read My Lips
by M. A. Clark
by Christy Aleckson
Just Saving a Life
by Rachel Elkin
I’d Like My Moustache Back, Please
by Georgia Atkin
Could You Blame Me?
by Paige Johnson
How Dare They?
by Kaden A. Ross
Red Herring
by Olivia Staser
Mother Knows Best
by Rachel Maller
A Little Blue Car
by thejokerlaughsatyou
Sunny Dayz and Peach Pie
by Rel95
My(Late)Husband Herman Mildew
by Manasvi Shrivastava
The Alibi of A.R.Lee
by A.R.Lee
What’s My Alibi?
by horsecrazy
Half-Melted Ice Cubes
by X. Carroll
Creative License
by OvercomingDyslexic
My fluffy bunny by Nicole Congdon
Believe Me
by Karyn Leigh
Noes Goes
by Tamora Locatelli
To Be a Lady by Emily B.
May I Take Your Coat?
by RumbleroarRedvines
My Alibi (or, How I Saved the World)
by Juliet Bravo
Tangled Web
by Kira the Raven
De Jure Innocent
by Melody C.
by Isabel Filippone
by Emi B

The grand-prize winner will receive the following:

  • $1,000
  • A one-page editorial letter from literary agent Suzie Townsend (New Leaf Literary Agency) who will read up to 8,000 words of your original work. Any form of writing will be accepted: short stories, excerpt from a novel, poems, essays, etc. Both published and unpublished work will be accepted for review.
  • An invitation for the winner and a parent or guardian to the SohoTeen launch party in New York City on November 29, 2012, where the winner will get a personal half-hour chat with Jon Scieszca. (If the winner cannot attend, he or she will win a half-hour phone conversation with Jon.)

Eight runners-up will each receive a copy of Who Done It?.

Brought to you by Figment and SohoTeen, with 826NYC and I Heart Daily.

17 thoughts on “Who Done It? Alibi Contest Finalists

  1. Hi! Is there anyway to get copy soon? Has it already been published? I would like to use this for a speech but I don’t know if I can access it yet. Thanks!

  2. I think I am going to go cry right now I was just reading the expert for the book when I came across Mo Willen’s alibi and realized we had the same idea both of us kill someone other then the editor and that is our alibi. I feel so stupid now for not reading the alibi sooner I hope I still have a chance but I doubt it. Anyway good luck everybody!

  3. When will we know who won? I’m up there and dying to know! Did the winners already get notified or will they know as soon as everyone else does?

  4. Anticipation.

    It’s killing me.

    We have less than a week to November 29th.
    I can only assume that the winner probably knows by now, but… Who knows?

    Please! Please tell us soon! (I know the mods aren’t in control, I just felt the need to comment…)

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