21 Candy Book Tie-ins

Eating candy is bad for you. But reading is good for you. We figure that makes this list of literary candy names net-neutral. It’s the only candy you’ll get this Halloween that is. Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

1. The Red Vines of Courage

2. Draculamond Joy

3. War and Reese’s Pieces

4. Jane Eyre Heads

literarycandy jane eyreheads

5. Middlemounds

6. Les Twizzlerables

7. Nicholas Nicklebaby Ruth

8. Around the World in 80 Paydays

9. M & Emma’s

10. Lord of the Ring Pop

11. The Perks of Being a Wallsour Patch Kid

literarycandy perks of being wallsourpatch kid

12. 100 Grand of Solitude

13. Moby Snickers

14. Oliver Twix

15. A Raisinet in the Sun

16. Phantom of the Lollipopera

17. A Room of One’s Toblerone

18. Skittle Women

19. The Runts and Future King

20. The Fault in Our Starburst

literarycandy the fault in our starburst

21.Three Musketeers


Tweet your best literarycandy mash-up using the hashtag #literarycandy. We’ll post the best results here on the blog!

34 thoughts on “21 Candy Book Tie-ins

  1. Phantom of the Lollipopera…

    *gasps* *laughs maniacally*

    Figment, this had got to be bad for my health.


  2. Oh these were so funny loved them all 🙂

    Skittle Women, Moby Snickers, Oliver Twix, A Raisinet in the Sun, M & Emma’s, Lord of the Ring Pop, Les Twizzlerables

    • you sound like a fangirl/boy ! you have my brothers name ! i wish my brother was a fanboy lol someone would et me !!! XD


  3. Jane Eyre Heads and Phantom of the Lollipopra… Bahaha Dude! That’s amazing! I unfortunately have to be quiet and stuff, so… *silent laugh that looks like I’m dying of something terrible*

  4. What about: A Tale of Two Candies?

    Lame, I know, but hey!

    Journey to the Mars Island (that would be a chocolate fan’s dream come true)

  5. My favs were probably Lord of the Ring Pop, Jane Eyre Heads, the Fault in Our Starburst, Skittle women, and, of course, Three Musketeers (wow, so creative). 😉 Seriously, figment, these are so genius!!!

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