Poll: Who Makes the Best Sidekick!?

Bethany FrenetteIn Dark Star by Bethany Frenette, Audrey’s mom is a superhero. Under her secret identity of Morning Star, she and her sidekick, Leon, fight evildoers throughout the Twin Cities. Audrey finds Leon to be super annoying. He has the power to make himself appear and disappear at will, which means you never quite know when and where he’ll show up. Too bad, he’s just so cute.

Just as there are all kinds of heroes, super and otherwise, there are tons of different sidekicks. Some have ridiculously cool powers that make them surpass the awesomeness of their heroes, and others are just really good friends. Check out our favorite types of sidekicks, and be sure to vote below!


Kid Wonder:

Robin from Batman

The concept of Kid Wonder sidekicks is kind of weird. An all-powerful hero needs a partner in crime, so he chooses…a child? But there’s no doubt that kids can make the best sidekicks. Exhibit A: Robin. With his crazy acrobatic skills, he’s always handy in fighting off the bad guys. (Nick Lang’s portrayal doesn’t hurt our opinion of him, either!)

Other Kid Wonders include:
Wondergirl from Wonder Woman
Bucky from Captain America
Aqualad from Aquaman

Sherlock Holmes BBC

Best Friend:

Watson from Sherlock

Sometimes, a sidekick’s just like a business partner, but other times, they act as the hero’s BFF. There have been many incarnations of the Sherlock Holmes stories, but we totally dig the bromance between Watson in Holmes in the BBC’s Sherlock. Watson keeps up the blog and helps solve cases, but he’s definitely a loyal friend as well as a sidekick.

Other Best Friends include:
Ron Weasley from Harry Potter
Patrick from SpongeBob Squarepants
Sally Kimball from Encyclopedia Brown



Spock from Star Trek

From aliens to animals to robots, non-human sidekicks are everywhere in pop culture. Spock, who’s half-human, half-Vulcan, is definitely an asset aboard the Enterprise. Under Captain Kirk, Spock serves as the ship’s science officer, and he’s awesome at solving problems through logical reasoning. He’s also got great ears.

Other Non-Human Sidekicks include:
Chewbacca from Star Wars
Donkey from Shrek
GIR from Invader Zim

Chloe Grace Moretz Kickass

Better than the Hero:

Hit-Girl from Kick-Ass

There are tons of lame sidekicks out there, but sometimes, a sidekick’s powers are just SO COOL that you forget about the hero. The other heroes in Kick-Ass are pretty great, but Hit-Girl beats them all. Her knowledge of weaponry and fighting styles is both horrifying and awesome. She’s kind of like Robin, but way more foul-mouthed and, like, 100 times deadlier.

Other Sidekicks who are Better than the Hero include:
Samwise from Lord of the Rings
Jughead from Archie
Kato from The Green Hornet

Austin Powers Dr. Evil

Evil Henchman:

Mini-Me from Austin Powers

Bad guys need their sidekicks, too! Mini-Me is Doctor Evil’s right-hand man. Mini-Me is one of Doctor Evil’s clones, and the two are completely identical except for one thing: Mini-Me is, well, a little shorter. Don’t let his size fool you, though—he can definitely hold his own in a fight, and he might even be tougher than Doctor Evil.

Other Evil Henchmen include:
Smee from Peter Pan
Harley Quinn from Batman
Darth Maul from Star Wars

Which kind of sidekick is the greatest asset to their hero? Vote for the best now! Don’t see your favorite sidekick listed? Let us know which ones we missed in the comments!


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8 thoughts on “Poll: Who Makes the Best Sidekick!?

  1. I have one for both the Better-than category and villain’s sidekick category. On Kim Possible (a fairly old Disney cartoon series), the heroes nemesis is Dr.Drakken, but his sidekick definitely outshines him. Shego is way cool.
    As long as I am talking aboiut Kim Possible, Kim’s sidekick, Ron, is in the BFF category, but he does turn into something more.
    ~Kyla Marie Rich : )

  2. Wait a minute. YOU are asking ME to choose between Robin *my favorite sidekick*, Watson-Ron-Patrick, Spock-Chewbacca-Donkey, Samwise-Kato *i love Kato*, and Darth Maul-Mini Me?

    still… i love bromances.

  3. This one was really hard, but I finally went with non-humans. LOVE Chuy!!!!

    I also have a suggestion: Iago from Aladdin (the parrot) for a combo of Better-Than and Henchman.

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