Vote in the One Direction Fan-Fiction Contest!

We challenged you to write short fan-fiction stories set at a One Direction contest. Now it’s time to vote up your favorites! The 50 most-hearted stories will be read by the Figment staff.

One grand-prize winner will win a $100 iTunes gift card and a One Direction t-shirt. Twenty runners-up will receive One Direction bracelets!

Voting will run until Monday, November 5 at 5:00 p.m. ET, so get reading and hearting!

Contest Entries

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6 thoughts on “Vote in the One Direction Fan-Fiction Contest!

  1. Will you be telling us the top 50 contestants soon? I was just wondering. Thanks!:D I want to win this more than anything in the whole world!

  2. So…what’s the deal with the contest? When are we going to learn the names of the top 50, or the winners? It’s been about a week, and I hate to sound annoying, but I’m just sooooooooo excited! I’ve been waiting all week 🙂

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