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Everything is going right for Perry Stormaire. His band, Inchworm, is on an epic European tour. He’s got a super hot girlfriend. But he has to admit, his life is a lot less dangerous without Gobi Zaksauskas around. He still can’t get over that Gobi, his former Lithuanian exchange student, is actually a trained assassin.

Why does Perry go looking for Gobi at Harry’s Bar in Venice? He knows it will only lead to trouble. But Perry can’t help himself and the next thing he knows, he’s once again mixed up with Gobi dodging bomb blasts and bullet storms.

Perry’s Killer Playlist by Joe Schreiber is a fast-paced action-adventure novel that follows Perry and Gobi on one outrageous European vacation. Joe opens each chapter with a new song, creating a perfect soundtrack to his novel.

Your challenge:

Imagine you’re scoring your latest action-adventure movie (pretend for a minute you’re the next Michael Bay). Your movie has 10 scenes, each of which needs its own song.

Create a 10-song playlist that matches the scenarios listed below. Each scene should get one song.


  1. Opening montage.
  2. Car chase.
  3. Hero/Heroine hiding out from the Villain.
  4. Hero/Heroine escaping from guys with guns.
  5. Hero/Heroine gets caught and threatened by the Villain.
  6. Hand-to-hand combat between Hero/ Heroine and several of the Villain’s minions.
  7. Big secret reveal or mystery is solved.
  8. Explosion. Near death for Hero/Heroine.
  9. Hero/Heroine gets the girl/guy. Big kiss!
  10. Closing credits.


Figment editors will choose three winning playlists. The winners will each receive a $10 iTunes gift card and a copy of Perry’s Killer Playlist. The top five playlists will be featured on The Daily Fig.

How to Enter:

1. Read the full rules.
2. Create an account on
3. Start a new writing of 500 words or less. (You should include both the song’s title and musical artist on your list.)
4. Tag your writing with ActionPlaylist on the “Details” tab.
5. Press “Publish Now.”
6. You should receive a pop-up confirmation of your entry, and in about two hours or so, your piece should appear among the submissions.

You have until Monday, November 12 at 11:59 p.m. ET to enter your playlist.


Need some inspiration?

Check out the songs from Perry’s Killer Playlist on Spotify!


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27 thoughts on “Perry’s Killer Playlist Contest

  1. The chapter titles in this book are all song names and are GENUIS. I want to ask the author what came first?! This book is exciting, hilarious and romantic, so it pretty much has it all. Love it.

  2. Scenes:

    Opening montage.– Under the knife–Rise against
    Car chase.—Warrior—Disturbed
    Hero/Heroine hiding out from the Villain.—going under—evenesnce
    Hero/Heroine escaping from guys with guns.—- Papercut—Linkin Park
    Hero/Heroine gets caught and threatened by the Villain.
    Hand-to-hand combat between Hero/ Heroine and several of the Villain’s minions.—The Slam–Toby Mac
    Big secret reveal or mystery is solved.—-The Game–Disturbed
    Explosion. Near death for Hero/Heroine.–riot–3 Days Grace
    Hero/Heroine gets the girl/guy. Big kiss!–the kill (Bury me)–30 Seconds to Mars
    Closing credits.–The good Life— days Grace

    • Hey Devin-

      To enter, you need to post your playlist as a story on Figment! Follow the instructions above and check out the official rules.

  3. Hey. 🙂 I’m not trying to be offensive in any way, but is there a reason that this specific contest is taking such a long time to get the results in? Just wondering. Thanks! 🙂

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