TimeRiders: The Doomsday Code Contest Finalists

TimeRiders Sal, Maddy, and Liam have been tasked with defending the world against the effects of illegal time travel. It’s no small assignment: The TimeRiders are bright, brave, and incredibly perceptive. One small change to the past will have a huge impact on the present.

Inspired by Sal, Maddy, and Liam’s adventures in The Doomsday Code, the third book of the TimeRiders series, we challenged you to write a story set in a present where a major historical change is a reality. You wrote and voted, and we’re thrilled to announce the finalists who will be sent to author Alex Scarrow for judging! Read through the stories below, and be sure to congratulate your fellow Figs!

Welcome to New Russia by IzzyFizzy the Turtle

One Last Chance by Katie Bui

Never Ending War by Ashlyn Helligso

Acid Showers and Unexpected Odds by Laura

Life As It Is by Annie Qiu

For Such a Time as This by Mya Wood

And Ruins Remain by Emily Mertz

The Last by Emily Syme

President Croatoan by Brianna

Honor by Emi B

Dear Tattered Little Notebook, by girl234

One grand-prize winner will receive the first three books in the TimeRiders series (TimeRiders, Day of the Predator, and The Doomsday Code) and the Guardians of Time trilogy by Marianne Curley (The Named, The Dark, and The Key).

Four runners-up will each receive copies of the first three books in the TimeRiders series (TimeRidersDay of the Predator, and The Doomsday Code).

Because of a tie for the final finalist slot, there are 11 finalists for this contest.

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