What Changed from Book to Screen: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Breaking Dawn Bella posterYou’ve read the book and you’re seeing the movie. What changed from the book to the movie of Breaking Dawn Part 2? Find out here and leave other differences you found in the comments! Warning: If you haven’t seen the movie, this is full of spoilers.

Bella’s first hunt:

In the books, Bella catches wind of some tasty-smelling human, and sprints off to kill. Edward reaches her before she gets close, though, and she is deterred. In the movie, Bella smells a rock climber. Bella gets within a dozen yards of the climber and the movie-viewer gets to watch her climb a cliff at lightening speed with only her fingernails keeping her anchored. Hold tight, spider monkey.

Bella’s first hunt part two:

In the book, when Bella snags a mountain lion, she is clumsy and ham-handed; she’s described as being covered in blood and wearing a tattered dress. This scene helped prove how strong vampires are–the mountain lion’s claws didn’t even break skin. In the movie, her attack is graceful and blood-free–forget tattered dress, not a single hair is out of place. In general, the movie errs on the side of bloodless, barring some artsy close-up shots of red blood cells.


A scene has been added to the movie that demonstrates how aggressive the Volturi are. As the Cullens gain witnesses, the Volturi hunt them down, trying to cut off the Cullens’ support system. Toshiro, a Japanese vampire that’s Carlisle’s friend, is killed by the Volturi for promising support to him.

J. Jenks:

Unlike in the books, in the movie Bella has no problem finding the man who gives her the fake passports, and the movie leaps almost directly from Bella finding the note to sitting down for dinner with Jenks.

Biggest spoiler! Fight scene:

In the book, the fight is completely avoided. As seen in the trailers, in the movie there’s on-screen fighting. We promise: you will see several main characters die.

What did we miss? Leave the differences between the Breaking Dawn movie and book in the comments!

10 thoughts on “What Changed from Book to Screen: Breaking Dawn Part 2

  1. THEY DARE TRY TO KILL OFF THE ONLY DECENT CHARACTER IN THE SERIES!!! I hate them!!! (Carlisle, of course. Peter Facinelli is waaaay hot)

  2. you missed one thing. the fight against the volturi was all inside of a vision that Alice had. the reason they didn’t fight was because Alice showed the vision to Aro, and he decided that he didn’t want to die. Sorry, but I’m a HUGE Twilight fan! 🙂

  3. one thing that they left out for me was Renesmee…. after she was born she didn’t look like a normal baby/toddler, plus she had a head full of hair…just a little thing

  4. How about Alice’s visions in general?
    It’s made clear in the books (and, mentioned once in the movie version of New Moon) that Alice cannot see the werewovles’ (nor Nessie’s) future. Yet, we see TWO visions in the movie that show she is more than capable of seeing them.

  5. Me:
    WHAT? No! They *cant* kill Carlisle! NOOO! *cries* Carlisle!!! This wasn’t how the book ended! CARLISLE!!!
    *fight scene ends*

    • That’s what I said while watching to movie too! And why must they have killed the two doggies?!? I can’t wait until someone reads this and watches the movie to realize that…I am telling the truth.

      • You do realize that the two wolves who died in the fight scene was Seth and Leah right? me and my sister were on the verge of tears when seth got killed.

  6. In the movie, I understand the reason Alice didn’t disclose why she and Jasper left (Volturi could read Edwards mind) and I understand why she sent Bella to Jenks, (to help create the scene Aro would later see in a glimpse of future,) but what doesn’t make sense is there were only 2 passports requested from Jenks, yet the glimpse into Aro’s future shows Edward & Bella clearly winning the fight and surviving. Didn’t make sense.

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