Vampire Diaries Recap: My Brother’s Keeper

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 7 damon elena almost kissMy friend’s boyfriend recently posited that the entire Twilight saga was all about Alice, and Rob and Kristen just got in the way. Well, Caroline is my Alice. Delena fans waited over their turkey holiday, jonesing for some hot hot action. But I waited for Goddess Caroline to completely return to her element.

Oh yes, It’s Miss Mystic Falls pageant time again. Caroline is organizing everything meticulously and fully barfing over the idea of Damon and Elena together. Meanwhile, Stefan is angrily exercising his heartbreak away (yes, please!).

At Salvatore Mansion, Stefan tells Damon that he and Elena broke up. Damon tries to console his brother, but everyone knows what he’s really thinking.

No matter, Stefan’s mission this episode is to find vampires for Jeremy to kill. He goes to the hospital and looks at a few patients’ charts before settling on a convicted/guilty murderer. This made me think that vampires would be the best lawyers. Just saying. Stefan feeds the murderer his blood then snaps his neck. Can we all agree that Stefan gets 110% more interesting when he’s not with Elena?

Gabby Douglas shows up for her brief cameo, bringing flowers incorrectly to a unforgiving Caroline. Overall, great work Gabby! Klaus tells Caroline he wants her to be his date to Miss Mystic falls. Since she’s keeping up appearances (re: the fake breakup) she agrees.

Cut to “Things I Can’t Believe The Vampire Diaries Is Allowed To Show On TV: Every Bone In This Poor Hybrid’s Body Breaking.” Hayley is helping a hybrid break her sire bond, but still being really “mean girly.” I know I could think of a better word than that, but all I see when I look at Hayley is that girl in high school who was mean to you for straight-up zero reason. Don’t mess with Caroline, Hayley!

Although becoming a hunter has given Jeremy super strength (with OF COURSE he uses to pick up kegs! Remember long ago when his character had black fingernails? Is that gone forever?), it is also giving him dreams of killing his vampire sister. Hunters can’t always control their actions, and with each kill their lust for vampire murder grows stronger.

At the pageant, Caroline and Elena try to help April pick out a dress. At first they tell April to wear the blue dress. Then Damon comes in and says she should wear the red, right Elena? Then Elena totally changes her mind. Now, I thought at first that this was just another annoying scene to try to move us all to team Delena… but now I completely am in love with what it was setting up (you guys I’m teasing it, I’m teasing the ending). Elena runs after Damon and tells him he’s the reason she broke up with Stefan. They almost kiss! But of course Professor Ruin The Moment comes in.

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 7 kiss

We learn two things about Professor Shane this episode. The first is that he is helping Bonnie get her witch power back, because you need a Bennett witch to break the seal where the curse is hidden. The second is that he’s working with Hayley and needs the hybrids unsired for some reason. Thank goodness that Hayley is no good! I am so so happy!

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 7 work it girl

At the Miss Mystic Falls pageant, Caroline wears a super short dress and Elena wears a beautiful dress (this episode was a lot about dresses to me). Jeremy is nowhere to be found so Matt steps in to be April’s escort (SWOOOONNN!!).

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 7 hello there

Elena wants to go looking for Jeremy, but Damon tells her not to worry. This prompts Caroline to remind Elena that Damon is never right. Elena responds, “Wow, Caroline.Thank you for making this very difficult time so much easier.” Elena, every moment of your life is a difficult time! Some people just want to perfectly plan events and not ruin the lives of everyone they love!

Caroline asks when she became the bad guy and Klaus offers to explain what being the bad guy is like. They have a romantic moment drinking champagne, away from the rest of the pageant. He makes fun of her Miss Mystic Falls Application from the year before. She asks him if he ever wanted to be human. The orchestra plays “Falling Slowly.” Later, he tells an endearing story about a hummingbird’s heart beating so fast and the treasure that being that alive must be. These precious moments are only broken up by Tyler’s menacing looks.

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 7 this is her show

Jeremy is actually in Lockwood Cellar, responding to Stefan’s text. Stefan cuts Jeremy’s hand and feeds it to the murderer/vampire to make his vampire transformation complete After Jeremy kills the vampire, his mark grows. However, he says he can’t trust Stefan, so he stabs Stefan and runs away.

April wins Miss Mystic Falls. It’s an adorable moment no one gets to appreciate because Elena’s in trouble again. Jeremy has come to kill her (or at least stare at her intensely). Elena follows him into Lockwood Mansion and sees him sitting with a stake. He tells her he can’t help but want to kill vampires. Elena says she’d never hurt Jeremy. However, when she sees his cut hand (which he did himself) her eyes get all veiny. She pushes him away and then cries over him when she thinks she hurt him. He sneak attack stabs her in the neck. Stefan comes just in time to save Elena.

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 7 so much better apart

Outside, Stefan says that Jeremy’s condition is partially his fault. He just has to find the cure! Elena tells him for the seven hundredth time that she’s different now and Stefan needs to let the old her go. Of course, Damon is there, squinting and stuff.

Elena realizes she has to move out and decides to go live at Salvatore Mansion. Does this seem a little cruel? Break a guy’s heart then make him leave his own house so you can hook up with his brother? Look guys, I like Nina Dobrev. I’m just not feeling Elena this season.

So now we come to the ending! I am obsessed with the writers’ decision here! At first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted Elena and Damon to hook up right away. On the one hand, Delena fans have been waiting a while for this and they deserve some love. On the other hand, it is sort of a sudden thing to happen if the break-up was as difficult as Elena says it was. But the writers’ handled this love scene so perfectly/maybe a little meanly.

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 7 giving the people what they want

First, Damon tells Elena he’s never seen her more Elena (to which I wrote “Barf!” in my notes). Then they start dancing. I thought this might be enough for this episode; just a dance and a kiss. But no, the show juxtaposed a hot love scene between Damon and Elena with shots of Caroline putting the pieces together. Talking to a drinking Stefan, Caroline starts to wonder why Elena has picked Damon. The wheels start to turn. Elena always goes to Damon for help now that she’s turned … Damon told Elena she has to drink from the vein and now she does … Damon picked that dress out!

Meanwhile, Damon is passionately throwing Elena against the wall.

Oh yes, Elena is sired to Damon! YOU GUYS! This is brilliant. The writers are giving the people what they want, but not letting them fully enjoy it. You can’t have your cake and eat it too!

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 7 Caroline figures it out

Judging by some angry tweets, fans do not agree with me in loving this twist. To be fair, I think that Elena does really love Damon. I even think that without the bond, vampire her might have still picked him. However, it is fully on now! What do you all think? Also, go watch the wedding episode of 30 Rock.

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7 thoughts on “Vampire Diaries Recap: My Brother’s Keeper

  1. Elena is so annoying now! I can’t help but feel like Caroline and Stefan would be good together…or her and Klaus. I’m over Caroline and Tyler – he makes her annoying and insecure like she was before her transition, whereas the other two make her seem more powerful. I like the Delena sire twist ONLY if Damon didn’t know about it. I’m team Stelena, but I don’t want the writers to continually make Damon a bad guy. The preview implied that he knew about it. Ugh!

  2. UGGHHH!!!!! That sire thing is bull, she loved Damon before she was a vampire. After she got turned it showed more and Damon acts more like a vampire, soooooo. .. . . .SHE LOVES HIM!! I’ve been wanting them together since Rose die.#Team Delana!

  3. I was on the edge of my seat this whole episode & I’m team Delana :)because Damon is just hot!
    Lol & I agree with Jamie about Caroline & her relationships, Her and Tyler are done.
    I want to know what’s up with the Professor though & why Haley is lying.

  4. Erg!!! I hate Elena so much!!!! In my opinion she is just like Katherine if not worse. Also good for Stefan for breaking up with her, she deserved it. She kind of plays everybody and is selfish. People sacrifice everything for her and he just refuses it every time. Elena, it isn’t noble okay, it’s dumb! And I agree completely, Stefan is a lot more entertaining without being hung up on Elena. I think Caroline and Stefan would make a great couple…right now, Caroline and Stefan are my favorite characters. I love Caroline because she isn’t afraid to speak her mind and is fearless. I’ve liked Stefan from the beginning, but I wish he would let Elena got to Damon, it would be in his best interest. I used to like Elena, not anymore and Damon I suppose is fine. I like Jeremy, but he has had his moments. Bonnie…I don’t like her anymore now that she’s this tough, hotshot witch that I think thinks a little too fully of herself but I liked her in season 1, now she’s just annoying. Anyway!!!! Definitely an interesting twist. I think I like it though, it will help Stefan move on (and hopefully become a little bit more like a vampire…am I the only one that likes him when he is feeding on human blood better than when he isn’t?)

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