Vampire Diaries Recap: We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street

We can all relax, Damon didn’t know about the sire bond. In other news, I once again made plans on a Thursday night, so this recap is brought to you by overly emotional response to everything due to a lack of sleep. And I do mean everything.

This lack of sleeps means I also crafted what at night I felt was an expert theory for the show. (Now, in the morning, I’m coming to terms with the fact that it’s more a definition of every show.)  You know when you were like 10, and you made up fake games to play with your parents? And then you got to the end of your own game and you were losing to your dad. And you were like, “This is annoying, this is my game!” So you add one more rule so that you win. Well, that’s what I feel like this show is constantly doing to me. I’m going to call this my “new rules” theory.

The show starts with another love scene between Elena and Damon broken up by Caroline and Stefan arguing. (It only worked the first time guys… don’t push it.) Elena goes to school and Stefan tells Damon about the bond. He doesn’t want to believe it (um, it’s happened before bro, to you specifically). Stefan gives Damon a test. He tells Damon to see if Elena can drink blood from the bag. If she can’t, then he’s off the hook. If she can, it’s because she only couldn’t drink it before because Damon told her she couldn’t. Damon gives Elena a blood bag at school. She can drink from it now that he tells her it’s ok. Sire bond proven. It’s a bummer how happy Elena is in this scene (I mean I get it, but still).

Stefan next finds Damon buried in files at Salvatore Mansion. You see, this isn’t Damon’s first bond. Flashback to 1942, New Orleans: men wore suits and hung out in jazz clubs. It was the life. Charlotte was in love with Damon and asked him to turn her. Now she’s sired to him and does crazy things like kill guys for stealing his drink.

Back in the present day, Damon says he knows a witch who can break the bond, Valerie La Marche. It’s off to New Orleans we go.

Meanwhile, it’s Girls’ Night at Salvatore Mansion. It’s nice to see Elena having fun! She’s been miserable this entire season. Caroline promises to not be judgmental. The three girls dance, run fast, and take ill-advised videos. Things get weird when Caroline talks about how many people Damon has slept with, and Elena burns her by reminding her she’s part of that list. This is hard to admit, but I didn’t really like Caroline this episode. Elena tells Bonnie and Caroline that she slept with Damon and leaves the bathroom angrily.

In present day New Orleans, Stefan yells at Damon that Elena is completely blind to how not right for her Damon is. He apologizes and we do another awkward jump back to 1942. Stefan and Lexi (!) are meeting Damon. Stefan is going off to war, but first he wants to apologize to Damon for accusing him of being the reason he turned into a ripper.

The two make up super quickly. Damon offers to go to Egypt with Stefan. However, Lexi warns him that he’s bad news for Stefan. Charlotte shows up saying that Damon missed dinner plans. She’s carrying a bleeding woman and Stefan gets all veiny-eyed. Awkward!

In present day New Orleans, Damon and Stefan go to a street corner where Damon apparently sent Charlotte on the task of counting every brick in New Orleans back in 1942. When they get to the street corner Charlotte jumps on Damon and kisses him. This Charlotte story makes me too sad!

Anyway, she helps Damon find the witch’s store. In a flashback, we find out that to break the sire curse he had to kill 12 people (and it didn’t really work). In the present, the witch he’s talking to says she’s Val’s great granddaughter (spoiler: she’s actually her daughter) and that all of the spells were destroyed during Hurricane Katrina. Too soon, TVD!

At Salvatore Mansion, Elena and Caroline are still fighting because Elena slept with Damon. Caroline blurts out that Elena is sired to Damon. I mean, I saw this coming, but also I like to think that the high standards I have for Caroline would mean she wouldn’t be so ridiculous! This scene was spiraling out of control, so thank goodness rogue hybrids Adrian and Kim came in to kidnap Caroline.

They kidnapped Caroline because of the wolf nonsense I’ve been avoiding all episode. I’m choosing to ignore this storyline until the show explains what its whole deal is. Anyway, we learn when Hayley talks to Professor Shane that he needs 12 hybrids for some reason. The problem is that the twelfth, Adrian, is being a little finicky about changing and Kim is totally on his side.

Anyways, Hayley convinces Tyler he has to be the alpha and convince Adrian to break his bond. The alpha idea is completely logical in terms of the ideas of a wolf pack. However, it does feel a little like a “new rule,” because it puts Tyler in a similar position to Klaus. Tyler and Elena go to save Caroline. He proves that he’s the alpha by grabbing Kim’s heart (not pulling it out) and forcing her to submit. Doesn’t it seem unfair that he gets to preach about not being like Klaus and not torturing people while basically torturing Kim? The alpha dominance thing seems a lot like a sire bond (except, obviously not as binding).

They added several “new rules” about the sire bond this week (which, to be fair, they had to). Tyler tells Elena that being sired doesn’t mean you feel differently about someone — he still hated Klaus when he was sired to him — it just affects how you act. In New Orleans, Damon and Stefan learn that you had to have feelings for the person from before in order for them to sire you. We also learn that the only way to break the curse is to tell the person sired to you to completely forget about you, forever. CONVENIENT, WRITERS!

There’s a completely heartbreaking scene in which Damon tells Charlotte to be free. Then he tells Stefan that he knows what he has to do. In the past we see that Damon’s a good guy because… he didn’t go to Egypt with his brother even though he wanted to. I mean, I guess.

Ok, here’s the deal though, I really don’t think Damon has to tell Elena to forget about him. Basically, the problem with the sire bond is that he’s not sure if what she does with him will be authentic or if it will just be to please him. So (wait for it… wait for it) why can’t he just be like, “Hey, what would make me happy is if you always did what you wanted and never felt obligated to listen to me?” Or, you know, something like that. Why does this bond thing have to be so perfectly set up so that the two of them can’t be together?

Before we get to the last scene, let’s talk about Bonnie. In New Orleans, the witch said that the darkest kind of magic was called “expression.” Cut to near the end of the episode, where Bonnie says Professor Shane is teaching her “expression.” So, there’s that.

Even Hayley had me sad this week. Hayley delivered Professor Shane his 12 hybrids in exchange for information about the whereabouts of her birth parents. Professor Shane tells her they’re dead. Um, why did you have to be the absolute worst, Professor Shane? She did a lot of work for you! But then he tells her that just because they’re dead doesn’t mean they’re dead-dead. So here’s another “new rule.” People can be brought back to life. I get that this show sort of toes the line between life and death (because people just become vampires), but still, this idea needs to go. If Elena’s parents, dead vampires, and everyone can come back to life then this show is going to go off the rails.

So we get to the last scene, which basically made me a mess, where Damon wants to do the right thing (but is it the right thing?) and let Elena go. However, Elena tells Damon what she feels for him is real and puts his hand to her heart. End of episode.

Amazing! I try to not pick a side, but I don’t think it’s fair for Damon to have to give Elena up. What do you think? Also, I know I’m being a little soft on this sire bond thing, since Damon could tell Elena to kill someone and take advantage or her, but still, there has to be another way. If they can invent rules, then so can I (oh wait, I don’t write for the show)!!!

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6 thoughts on “Vampire Diaries Recap: We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street

  1. I love that Elena is defending Damon, and that she knows her feelings are true for him. I felt bad for Damon, but I think they will finally be able to be a couple. My co-worker from DISH convinced me to start watching this show during season one and it grew to be my favorite show. I have so many other shows on Thursday nights that having the DISH Hopper allows me not to worry about any DVR conflicts, since I can record up to six shows at once. I am glad that Elena knows about the siren bond, and realizes her feelings are real and not because of the bond. The mid-season finale looks really good, and I cannot wait for it!

  2. I agree with your solution to the sire bond. Why can’t he just tell her that would make him the happiest would be her having free will and never feeling obligated to him? Is that so hard? Also, the whole Alpha thing makes sense to me, but Tyler’s a hypocrite, no doubt about it. And now we know why Shane needed TWELVE hybrids…to be killed…so Bonnie can practice “expression.” But didn’t Val’s daughter say it had to be 12 HUMANS? Maybe I just misheard. Anyway…great recap for a great episode!

  3. I’m wondering if you had to have feelings for the vampire that turns you into a vampire to make it a sire bond… wouldn’t that mean Stefan and Damon should’ve been sired to Katherine?

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