Figment’s Favorite Werewolves

Ellen SchreiberIn Full Moon Kisses, the third book in the Full Moon series by Ellen Schreiber, Celeste is trying to be happy with her new boyfriend, Brandon, while her ex-boyfriend, Nash, lurks in the background. There’s one slight problem: Both Brandon and Nash are werewolves, and Celeste can’t figure out which one wants to turn her into a werewolf, too.

We love a good werewolf story, and Full Moon Kisses is no exception. Whether they’re goodhearted and misunderstood, evil killing machines, or somewhere in between, werewolves are always fun to read about. Inspired by Brandon and Nash, here are our picks for the best pop-culture werewolves. Check out our favorites and be sure to vote for yours below!

Sam Grace Maggie StiefvaterSam from Shiver

Unlike a lot of werewolves, Sam isn’t mean or violent in his wolf form. His connection with Grace, a human, actually develops when he’s a wolf. But Sam only gets to stay human during the summer. It’s like the worst kind of long-distance relationship—instead of going back to college in the fall, Grace’s boyfriend becomes a different species.



Scott McCall Tyler Posey MTVScott McCall from Teen Wolf

While the original Teen Wolf is basically about a werewolf who’s awesome at basketball, the new TV series is a little more serious. Scott’s an awkward high-schooler who gets bitten by a werewolf and must keep his new identity a secret. High school’s hard enough without being a mythical creature.



Harry Potter David Thewlis JK RowlingRemus Lupin from Harry Potter

Lupin’s a pretty great guy. The fact that he uses his werewolf powers for good instead of evil just makes him all the more awesome. And seriously, with a name like Remus Lupin, he really had no choice but to become a werewolf eventually. We’ll take him over Fenrir Greyback any day.



Vampire DiariesTyler Lockwood from
The Vampire Diaries

Tyler comes from a family of werewolves. He’s sort of a jerk, but when his quick temper sets off the curse that turns him into a wolf, he starts to tone it down a little. We don’t know Tyler’s a werewolf at the beginning of the series, but it was bound to happen. Werewolves and vampires just kind of go together like that.



Twilight Stephenie Meyer Taylor LautnerJacob Black from Twilight

The Twilight werewolves are more like shape shifters than your classic full-moon variety, but Jacob’s still a dude who turns into a wolf. Jacob’s generally a good person (if we ignore the “falls madly in love with infants” aspect of his character). The only downside to his werewolf transformation is that we don’t get to see his abs when he’s a wolf.



Seth Green Buffy the Vampire SlayerOz from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Oz is a complicated character. Even though he’s a pretty chill human, he still has a violent side that comes out with the full moon. When he’s not in his wolf form, Oz enjoys playing guitar and hunting down vampires with the rest of the gang. It doesn’t hurt that his band is, like, really awesome.



So which of these werewolves is the hair-raisingest? Vote for your favorite now, and be sure to let us know which ones we missed in the comments!



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29 thoughts on “Figment’s Favorite Werewolves

    • I have. Although I voted Remus. It’s a poll about most hair-raising werewolves. The ones in teen wolf aren’t scary at all.

    • I know! I went with Oz though, because he’s such a chill guy when he’s not a werewolf. Plus, he transformed without the full moon in Buffy, making him more hair-raisingly scary/awesome.

      • Neither is Sam in Shiver. Unless my friends have been hiding serious news from me. Because I want to freaking know if any of Maggie Stiefvater’s books get turned into films, I want to see ALL OF THEM!!

  1. Lupin! Not surprised at all, who doesn’t love the best chocolate loving marauder around? Moony is just too cool not to be considered best werewolf. Plus, the character research Jo did on him was overall pretty good. His name, the concept of his character, and the public reception to his condition are all just spot on. Lupin, though a nice guy, is still a werewolf. I would take jobless outsider werewolf who must keep his condition under wraps over some hollywood-ized one with nice abs.

  2. Come on guys! It is the most scarest thing ever when you hear every single bone in a persons body break over and over again in the vampire diaries! I am sorry to say but Tyler is the scarest espectually because he almost ripped a hibrid’s heart out.

  3. SAM! When I read Shiver I fell in love with him and I honestly want to marry him. He is my soulmate written in a book. He will always be #1 in my heart. 😛

  4. Don’t get me wrong, Remus Lupin’s great, but just excuse me for a moment while I worship pathetically at the altar of Joss Whedon. I love Oz. I adore Oz. Not as much as I love Angel, but I was still really, really depressed when he left the show.

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