Vote Now: Best Love Triangles in Pop Culture

Laurie Faria StolarzIn Deadly Little Lessons, the fifth book in the Touch series by Laurie Faria Stolarz, Camelia has a lot on her plate. She’s a psychometric (she has powerful premonitions through touch), she’s trying to figure out what happened to a local missing girl, and, oh yeah, she’s involved in a crazy love triangle. She’s dating Adam but still has feelings for her ex, a fellow psychometric named Ben, and she has no idea what to do about it.

Love triangles are everywhere, in books, movies, and TV shows, but when done right, they can be seriously awesome. The Adam-Camelia-Ben relationship is one of those love triangles we can’t get enough of. Inspired by Deadly Little Lessons, here are some of our favorite love triangles. Which trio is best? Vote below!

Peeta Katniss GalePeeta-Katniss-Gale
 The Hunger Games

To be fair, Katniss has a lot more to worry about than love: She’s pretty much fighting for her life throughout the whole series. But that doesn’t make choosing between Gale and Peeta any easier. She survives the Hunger Games with Peeta’s help, but Gale’s been her best friend for years. Yeah, her indecision is a little infuriating, but the triangle gets resolved . . . eventually.


Stefan Elena DamonStefan-Elena-Damon
The Vampire Diaries

Love triangles are complicated to begin with, but when they involve siblings, things can get kind of weird. Stefan and Damon Salvatore, two super-hot vampire brothers, fall in love with the same human girl, Elena. Should she choose good-guy Stefan or bad-boy Damon? Either way, it’s going to make the Salvatore family reunions more than a little awkward.


Jace Clary Simon City of Bones Cassandra ClareJace-Clary-Simon
The Mortal Instruments

Simon and Clary are best friends. Simon loves Clary, but Clary loves Jace, a Shadowhunter. It sounds like pretty standard love triangle, but, oh yeah, we forgot to mention that Jace and Clary might actually be brother and sister. Remember that thing we said above about siblings and love triangles? Yeah, this one has quite the plot twist.


Johnny Depp Orlando Bloom Keira KnightleyWill-Elizabeth-Jack
Pirates of the Caribbean

This one might not be a full-blown love triangle, but we still love the way the relationships between these three characters play out. Even though Will and Elizabeth are pretty much devoted to each other from day one, there’s some definite chemistry between Jack and Elizabeth, too. Seriously, it wouldn’t be a pirate movie without a LITTLE debauchery.


Lily James Snape JK RowlingSnape-Lily-James
Harry Potter

OK, so it’s introduced late in the game, and yeah, it only lasts for a chapter, but it’s SO GOOD! At first, Lily likes Snape and hates James. Then she dislikes Snape and sort of likes James. Then she marries James and has Harry. THEN Snape accidentally gets her whole family killed. Got it? Even though Lily and James get together, Snape keeps on loving Lily . . . always.


Molly Ringwald Jon Cryer John HughesDuckie-Andie-Blaine
Pretty in Pink

Although Blaine and Andie are from different social circles, they really click. Unfortunately, Andie’s infatuation with Blaine prevents her from seeing that Duckie, her childhood BFF, is totally in love with her. There’s some prom night drama, and Andie has to decide between Blaine and Duckie while wearing the ugliest prom dress of all time.


Rob Pattinson Kristen Stewart Taylor LautnerEdward-Bella-Jacob

The Twilight series is over now, but it’s hard to forget the intense debate that went on over this triangle. And seriously, Bella had her work cut out for her. Should she choose the hot 117-year-old vampire who literally has to stop himself from sucking her blood when they’re together? Or the hot, friendly werewolf who falls in love with her baby? It’s a tough decision!


So which of these triangles do you love the most? Vote now, and let us know which ones we missed in the comments!


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42 thoughts on “Vote Now: Best Love Triangles in Pop Culture

  1. I didn’t vote in this. I refused to. You did not include the best love triangle of all time : Jack-Kate-Sawyer from Lost. WTF, people? It’s not like Lost is some obscure show. Lots of people have watched it, and no ones heard of the Andie Blaine Dickie thingy. I, although I love both Twilight and The Hunger Games, think that it is a way better love triangle than both of those.

  2. I do love Pirates of the Caribbean, but there’s almost a square if you opt to include Norrington. But, had to go with Harry Potter, ultimately.

  3. However much I love Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, I must admit the Pirates of Caribbean is the best love triangle because there’s love, and friendship, and sexual tension, and ORLANDO BLOOM!

  4. You forgot my all-time favorite! Phantom-Christine-Raoul from The Phantom of the Opera! I mean, a really rich childhood sweetheart versus a masked, hideously deformed murderer/mirror-creeper/architect/composer…

  5. Cosette-Marius-Eponine from Les Misérables, and Betty-Archie-Veronica from the Archie comics. Because it’s not always two guys fighting over one girl. 🙂

    • YES!! I was just about to comment about how these were all about two boys and a girl. Betty-Archie-Veronica is the best. Who here is on Team Betty?

  6. I’m not huge on love triangles, but Xander-Cassia-Ky is done really skillfully in the Matched series.

    Also, I hope I’m not the only one who doesn’t see the love triangle in The Hunger Games. Maybe it’s just because I haven’t read Catching Fire yet.

    • Yeah, that would be why. It’s mentioned briefly that Katniss is worried Gale might have feelings for her in the first one, but the whole thing becomes a much bigger deal in the next two books. And you can just imagine poor Gale watching Peeta and Katniss in the arena 🙁

  7. Does Shakespeare count as pop culture? I’d say so. My favorite is Viola-Orsino-Olivia-Cesario!
    Oh or As You Like It, is similar, but more complicated and more of a polyhedron.

  8. I don’t know, to me the love “triangle” in THG seemed a little forced … almost like Gale’s affections were introduced just for the sake of having a love triangle.

  9. i really can’t vote for any of these, because the absolute best and most heartwrenching love triangle is


    from the Infernal devices.

      • I agree. I love Will-Tessa-Jem because I actually can’t decide who I think Tessa should end up with. They always seem to end up with the bad-boy so I was super surprised that she ended up with Jem. I think in the next (and last) book she’s gonna pick Will eventually. Eeeeeeeek!!! More Infernal Devices!

  10. Lol! Harry Potter just can’t loose a contest that is vote based! It has too many fans and the story is just too good! <3 HP FOREVER

  11. dirk/jake/jane from homestuck is an exhausting one but also kinda unique in that it’s a girl and a guy who both wanna end up with a guy and then the guy ends up with the guy but things get complicated and weird as it always is with the comic.
    i had to go with snape/lily/james though, because i liked the fact that it didn’t dominate the whole story, and it was a bit complex since neither snape nor james were exactly saints.

  12. None of these are my favourite! Throne Of Glass by Sarah J Maas – Chaol-Celaena-Dorian. Celaena doesn’t even consider the love triangle she’s in, leaving this to the reader, which is in my opinion the best way to do it. I get SO tired of love triangles because there are SO FREAKING MANY OF THEM, and it puts me off a book if it’s about a love triangle.

  13. How can I choose between the Vampire Diaries and Harry Potter? If only I wasn’t watching Lord of the Rings and feeling a little angry with JK Rowling…

  14. I was kinda hoping to see Eowyn-Aragorn-Arwen. Oh well. Go Hunger Games! (I didn’t vote for HP because I didn’t know Lily liked Snape! Eugh)


    I love my Peeta-Katniss-Gale triangle, but come on, LILY AND JAMES AND SNAPE!

    So what did I do?

    I voted twice.

    Yup. Once for HG and once for HP.

    • Me! Lol guilty as charged! I was debating between Hunger Games and Harry Potter (though I love Harry Potter like 10 times more, it was still hard), but then I was read “Always.” and BAM. Sold! 😀
      Hehe anyone else?

  16. You missed Phantom/Christy/Raoul! They are the best love triangle, hands down. And THEN you add the fact that it’s a musical which bumps it up by like a thousand points, but it already would of won so it wouldn’t have needed the extra points but still!

  17. Voted HP because of the always at the end . . . And because that is the only kind of love triangle there should be. Twilight ruined love triangles for me. But yes, the last infernal devices comes out next month!!!! Will-Tessa-Jem . . . I honestly can’t decide who she should end up with!!!

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