6 Ways To Become Less Stressed About School

Why is school so hard? They make you get up early, absorb a ton of information in a short amount of time, commit to a plethora of extracurriculars, and then — when you finally return home at the end of the day — eke out homework. It’s enough to turn even the Zen Xenas among us into #$^&*!! Sallys. Fortunately, there are ways to manage your academic experience… so you don’t become a Burned-Out Bertha by age 18. Here are some quick tips to help you become less stressed about school stuff.

 Don’t Let Errant Objects Live On Your Desk

You absent-mindedly place your favorite ring on your homework desk one day. And at that crucial moment when you think about clearing it, you instead convince yourself that the ring can live there, on the desk, in plain sight, should you ever need to grab it. But for every miscellaneous tchotchke you grant asylum to, your thoughts will become that much more cluttered each time you sit down to do work. All those notepads and watches and movie ticket stubs sneak their way into your subconscious. You’ll only really be able to recognize your desire for simplicity when you find yourself drooling over a flat surface at an IKEA. Gross.

Make Checkable Check Boxes

The best thing about lists you make for yourself are that a) you can make the tasks as minute as you want and b) you can make the boxes as big as you want. You can draw life-affirming checkmarks next to items like “Make bed!” or “Wear both retainers!” The more accomplishments you allow yourself to internalize, the more empowered you’ll feel to maybe even start studying for finals. Maybe. After you finish your “making popcorn” task.

Get One Of Those Tea Steeping Thingies

They’re so fun! Each bag of loose-leaf tea comes with its own specific set of instructions as to how many minutes it should steep, how many ounces should be used, and what it will taste like if combined with other teas. You know, vital information. Once you’ve finished brewing yourself the perfect cup of warm goodness, you’ll enjoy the product of your own hard work so much that you’ll forget what made you stressed enough to necessitate tea in the first place.

Do Just As Much Work As Necessary For An 89.5

The difference between the amount you learned in a class you got an 89.5 in and a class in which you got a 99.5 is about equal to the amount of brain cells you’ll lose when you accidentally bang your head on the top of the car door at age 25. Just play the game, son.

Gaze Out The Window Of An Airplane As It’s Close To Landing

First you need access to an airplane, but… yeah. Those silly little dots running around on the ground? That’s you, your classmates, your teachers, your college admissions officers, etc. You’re all just dots in a big game of Connect The Dots, ready to be grouped together by someone drawing a square around you and striking a pencil through you. You know how that happens sometimes.

Remember That Nothing Is Permanent

Not your friendships, not your chin pimples, not your class rank. Not even the fact that you’re in school. You can mess up on one test and bounce back the next. So relax! Enjoy learning (if you have time with all your tea and list-making). So what if you screw up that chem experiment? Just smile and tell your teacher, “We’ll all think this is hilarious in five years when the burns have healed!”

What other tips do you have for ways to become less stressed about school? Let us know in the comments!

Photos: “Desk Clutter” by James Nash; Teavana Perfect Tea Maker; “Ticky Tacky” by Rebecca Wilson

7 thoughts on “6 Ways To Become Less Stressed About School

  1. Every time I freak out about getting an 80 on a test (as opposed to my usual grade in the high 90s) I give myself the last pep talk you have here.
    It still doesn’t convince me to stop doing unnecessary work, usually, but I become a little calmer about my unnecessary work.

  2. Study for fifteen minutes before you go to bed. Sleep helps you retain information. And sometimes you have the best dreams…

  3. When I have a project due, I TRY not to get bugged out over the workload. I tell myself, “Whatever needs to get done WILL get done” it may not be the BEST work, but hey “Life goes on” is my new life motto and it’s a great one to live by. Most times, I end up doing better than I expected anyway!

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