Dark Star Short Story Contest Winners

Dark Star coverDark Star by Bethany Frenette tells the story of a young girl who discovers she has the power to battle a powerful evil force that is threatening to destroy her city—and everyone she loves. Which is no small task.

Inspired by Dark Star, we challenged you to write a story about something that is threatening the safety of a city or town. You sure delivered some amazing (and scary!) scenarios! You voted for your favorites, and we sent the top ten finalists to Bethany for judging. We’re thrilled to announce the winners of the contest!

Grand Prize

Awesome job, Eira! You will receive a signed copy of Dark Star  by Bethany Frenette, along with copies of False Memory  by Dan Krokos and BETA by Rachel Cohn.

Bethany says: “Excellent job quickly setting up the tension in your story—you draw in the reader right away! I really enjoyed your use of scents and sounds to develop an atmosphere (which was eerie and fabulous). And you did a great job keeping the story exciting throughout; I loved the action in it. It made me want to read more!”

Second Place

Congrats, Nikita! You will receive an eBook copy of Dark Star from the iBookstore and a $10 Amazon gift card

Bethany says: “What a fantastic opening! You establish the threat—and the urgency and fear that surround it—immediately, and catch the reader’s attention. I love the sense of helplessness you’ve built up in the story; you’ve really captured an atmosphere of futility, and it’s very spooky and effective.  Great job!”

Third Place

Well done, S.E.! You will receive an eBook copy of Dark Star from the iBookstore

Bethany says: “I love the Robin Hood theme! You’ve got a great set-up, and you handled it very well. Your descriptions are filled with lovely little details, and you do a wonderful job of establishing your characters and giving them personality—which is not always easy to do in a short story!”

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